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Orctober - Pig Face Orc with Spear


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I started a quartet of Pig Face Orcs for Orctober, but with ReaperCon and my "accident", I was only able to finish one so far.  The other three are each about 80% complete.


This orc is from the Antediluvian Dungeon Explorer kickstarter, and are reminiscent of a certain animated show from the '80's.


Comments and Critiques welcome.





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    • By Lidless Eye
      It is Orctober, my dudes.
      First up, the Dungeon Dwellers Orcs of the Ragged Wound Tribe






      And Goblins are just little Orcs, right?  What better way to celebrate Orctober than little Orcs?


    • By nihilville
      I'm a little late in posting these, but this year I made a concentrated effort to try to paint orcs and only orcs for October, both to participate in the loose ceremony of "Orctober" and because I really need to finally paint some Orcs for the table. I started out trying some contrast paint for the first time and I didn't really like how the skin tone came out on the first model so I started experimenting. I tried many combinations of basecoat colors, thinning the contrast paint, inks, highlighting and glazing, and different washes. Not all of these even look that different, but I enjoy the subtle variations going on in the theory that, like humans, not all orcs are going to look exactly the same. It was fun experimenting, and I'm looking forward to painting the rest of the Orc crew next year.

      Individual pics with the different skin tone recipes I tried below:
    • By Clearman
      In addition to my 2018 goals to paint better and work on new techniques, I've decided to also start a long term project.  I have about half of the Grenadier Fantasy Personalities line (series I and II) by Julie Guthrie.  They've been sitting in a Chessex storage box for ~30 years, and now they will finally receive paint.
      Based on the info at Lost Mini's Wiki, there are a total of 156 models between both series.  I have 81 in the Chessex box, and a couple loose that I need to track down.  Since the my count for the entirety of 2017 was only 55 models, and factor in the other models that I will work on, this project will take a while.
      I am starting off with four models prepped:
      887 - Berserker
      869 - Chaotic Thief
      820 - Henchman
      8102 - Chaotic Swordsman
      Stay tuned for show offs.
    • By Lidless Eye
      Praise be to Nurgle!

      Another Orctober complete, and we're all safe and sound, painting projects finished.

      Time for a short rest...

      "Hey, you lot hear that?"

      "They're coming to get you, Orkra..."

      "Join us, Orkra...Grandfather loves you, too..."

      Orks can be Poxwalkers, too, ya know!  Even Gork (and maybe Mork) can't help ya now.


      The Catcher:

      The Spiker!



      Orks+Zombies in O(r)ctober...doubly appropriate for the season!
    • By Lidless Eye
      I was told that my early Orctober project did not count, as I had finished it last month.  So, I decided on the last minute addition of some Ork-derived Poxwalkers to go with my current Nurgle Chaos Space Marine project:

      Parts are from the Warhammer Orks and Orc lines, the Nurgle Plaguekings, and the old Mutation sprue.  Mostly.

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