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2 hours ago, Dragoneye said:

Maybe we should have a birthday party there! 

If the dates for this year were going to be close to last year I was planning on a small "Happy birthday to Me" celebration.

With the change of dates "A Very Merry Un-Birthday to Me" seems like a more appropriate theme.

Still going to tell my wife that this is My Birthday Celebration.


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Oof. Reapercon's happening during the first week of university classes... we're not terribly thrilled about that. Means we probably can't make it this year, and we'd need to make a decision on a lot of things (like flights) before we even know what those classes are going to be. Boo! I hope it works out for most people though!


I guess when class registration starts happening for fall, we'll look at our schedule and see if classes--and then flights--can be wrangled into shape.

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Labor day works just fine for me, especially now that the local convention that I would normally do a Friday night auction for is being held much later. Tacticon ran on Labor Day weekend from 1989 - 2016 and we never had a problem with attendance and it was a four day event running Thursday through Sunday as well. Despite some of the responses here Reaper Con's attendance is unlikely to take a major hit and may provide other people a chance to come that might not be able to make it in October. I just have to move my painting schedule up.

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