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Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter


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Also arrived back home!  Quiet and peaceful ride once we got past the running late to the airport (rental car bus tryed to leave without my sons, got to the check in and the kiosk wouldn't let us check in.  Went to the counter and they were trying to tell us we didn't exist because we didn't take their alternative travel arrangement...)


Once in flight everything went smoothly (with the usual 'what have you got in this bag, lead?'  To which the only response is Yes! With a grin...)


Now home and starting to unpack

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1 hour ago, pcktlnt said:



Glad you made it home safely. 

Thanks.  Because we decided to drive from Houston to Dallas united assumed we were in Houston because apparently there was no other way to travel, even though we picked up and had to sign for our luggage in Dallas.  Apparently those were our ghosts.  They had to actually track down the agent who we got in a fight over our luggage with because apparently she didn't record that we were travelling by car.


I'm not going to willingly fly united for quite some time.

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I’m sorry I didn’t stop by and say goodbye to everyone, but my ride left if in the middle of the auction.  It was great getting to know some of you better in person and getting more faces to go with forum names.  

I also wish I had not gotten sick and lost my voice for friday and Saturday.   It was still a fun con.  And I look forward to returning in 2020. 

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