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Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter


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8 hours ago, knarthex said:

See you all in 30!!!!!!!


Can't wait......


Yup! I can't wait!!


As far as games prep. I only need to make up 2 games level 5 characters. I'm using my pregens from last year so that is helping. Minis are coming along. I should have up to 5 finished tomorrow. I've got a couple that are paint blockers, hopefully, I can get through them.


One of these years, I'll actually make my goal of having the month of the Con, having everything finished. ha ha....sigh....

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On 7/10/2018 at 8:05 PM, Zoxe said:


Other than securing events when they go up, we're ready as we can be!  I see others talking about airfare - we're actually going to cannonball run it from the upper midwest in our car (14 hrs plus stops).  I hope my system can handle that much beef jerky and pork rinds.


(PS:  First time to Reapercon and FIRST POST!) 


Welcome to the madness!


So, I'll be driving down from the Minneapolis area Tues and Weds. Sounds like you have a similar location, where are you coming from (might see you on the road)?




On another note.  My first entry is about 2/3 done now.  The part I hate the most is past, so now I am on to the gems and cloth.  I want to get this and one other entry done yet, but that may have to wait for the Con itself.  I should remind everyone, that we have almost two full days at the con to finish entries, being that they are not due until 5:00 pm on Friday.

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I'm finding Growtix annoying too. They have tried but it is not really suited for an event like Reapercon with multiple classes.  Better for some event where you only need an admission ticket, like a ball game or museum.  I don't blame Reaper.


Valthorn, you can cancel at the con when you check in. 


It's looking like I might have an entry this year for the "display only" category. 

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1 hour ago, Inarah said:

I don't blame Reaper.

At this point, I don't either. 

But also at this point, it's obvious that either Growtix needs to make some changes to better serve the attendees at events like Reapercon, or Reaper needs to find a better solution for RCon 2019. 

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