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Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter


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45 minutes ago, Crimson_king_of_the_tower said:

I have soooooooo many people from the forums to find and meet awww man. How best to get ahold of people at the con will there be a thread people actively look at for that? 


I know. One of the best ways to find someone last year was to find one forumite, who could then direct you to others. Brian was also willing to shout your name across the room, then the person in question would wave. I will probably be comfortable enough to do that sometime Thursday. It takes a bit for my social anxiety to calm down :poke:


34 minutes ago, Xiwo Xerase said:

Other than my contest entry, I'm planning on bringing minis that I can use to practice techniques from the classes I'm taking (blending and NMM).  I'm also considering taking another mini or two as "candy", something I can work on without a lot of stress.  On the other hand, I'm also planning on bringing my own paint, so I need to make sure whatever I do can be done within the colors I bring.  (Since I'm packing my paints in checked luggage, I may just bring a Reaper paint caddy.  It'd certainly make things easier.)


I don't actually know how much time I will have to paint (or can stand to paint) but I'd rather be prepared and bring too much than not enough.


Bringing a few minis is a good idea, though I usually get distracted and start painting whatever I just pulled off the melt table. I also will bring paint because I have too much and love to share. 


27 minutes ago, Valthorn_Illian said:

Sounds like a plan! I wonder if I should bring my airbrush now?


I plan on bringing mine, even though I haven't used it yet. I am taking an airbrush 101 class and think I will be sad if I don't have it. 


15 minutes ago, Valthorn_Illian said:

I'm not drooling, you're drooling. Dooooooooooooom. RIP AND TEAR!!!!!


*cough**cough* Sorry, got carried away.


Also, no fire pit this year so I guess it's time for a.... REAPERCON POOL PARTY!!!!!!


I will attempt to remember to bring my swimsuit.


6 minutes ago, Valthorn_Illian said:

Funny enough I'm not this outgoing/nutty when you first meet me... people freak me out.


That is true for most of us, I do believe. It takes me a day or so to settle down and be ready to have all the social interaction with you wonderful people. 


6 minutes ago, Inarah said:


Yes.  Be aware that unless you bring a lamp the lighting in general will be poor for painting. And if you are easily distracted, forget it. :)   I usually bring some Bones to basecoat, and sometimes get them up to tabletop level at the con.  I just can't see that well or concentrate enough to do more than that.  If you bring stuff, prime them first.  Reaper has had a spray booth outside the last couple years, but you will need primer, and I don't know if you are driving in or flying or want to drive around Denton looking for a can. 


I will second the light part and if it is battery powered, even better. Outlets will likely be very limited. I will try to remember to pack a rattle can of primer, though I have lots of brush on as well.


5 minutes ago, Kuro Cleanbrush said:

Some people bring their minis and work on them, but I've never been able to bring myself to work on any high-level stuff at the con (where my lighting is different, I don't have all my supplies, and opportunities for chatting with folks abound, among many other reasons).  However, you will inevitably end up with more than a few free minis from classes, and I find that those are absolutely perfect for practicing techniques on and for impromptu demos.  So, while you can bring extra minis, know that it's not completely necessary if space is an issue.  (However, since you're driving, you'll probably be fine in that regard!)




As a judge, here's my opinion on this:


Always enter something (whether it's an old piece or a new piece)!  However, also always do as least a little basing (I'm talking even something as simple as an even coat of flock, snow, or static grass).  The reason I say this is that I have seen otherwise good entries get knocked down pretty hard for unfinished bases.  It's just really hard as a judge to see a completely-unfinished base as it makes the whole mini seem somewhat unfinished.


If you lack the supplies or time to finish the base before arrival, I am 100% confident that someone would be willing to lend you some basing supplies and help you though a quick base at the convention!




As Doug mentioned, the metaphorical line to the judges can be very long immediately after the award ceremony.  We always try to stick around and answer questions until everyone has been answered (or until the venue kicks us out, like last year), but sometimes that just takes forever and people get tired and leave.  However, I think that there is a general misconception that we judges are only available to provide feedback during that limited time frame, and that is certainly not true!  Please feel free to come up to us at ANY time during the whole convention and ask for feedback; we love the opportunity to talk to everyone!  Last year, I had folks asking for feedback on their entries Saturday night back at the hotel and all day Sunday at the convention center, and I personally think that those are the best times to ask for feedback since there is no longer a line.  That way, we have as long as we want to discuss your entry!


I can attest to this. I found you on Sunday last year and got some really good feedback on both what I can improve on and why that mini was chosen to be judged. Also, I will have a bunch of basing stuff and am quite willing to share and show folks how to use it or what to do with it.

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9 minutes ago, Clearman said:


@Kuro Cleanbrush


I remember the last couple years, we were forced out of the venue because they had hard closing hours, and it limited the amount of post-competition conversation.  Do you know if the hotel will have similar restrictions? 


Or, are you willing to provide critiques on Sunday? 


I do not know the hotel schedule in that regard, but pretty much as long as I'm not sleeping in my room, I'm available for critique night or day all weekend!

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anytime!  Rhonda was kicking around an idea to have a class on sunday for folks on general overall critiques and what it means when we say more contrast and whatnot.  we briefly had a plan to take the same mini and paint it up to bronze, silver and gold levels to help explain the difference, but we never got the class fully setup.  I've got sunday free just in case, so we may be able to do an informal get together with some of the judges.


Let reaper know in feedback if that would be something y'all would like and we can get it formalized in future years.


I think we sometimes say the same thing to everyone, so having a group where we explain it once might be better. If we can find a table where folks can cluster, I'm happy to sit down and try to use my words as my nephew would say!

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2 hours ago, Paradoxical Mouse said:

So...here's my question. Do I bring minis to paint other than my entries...or do I just go crazy in the dealer room and find something to paint there? 


You get a lot in swag and classes, plus they have a lot on sale.  That said, if I know I want to paint, I always get one or two prepped, cleaned, and ready at home first, because I have tools there for flash removal and such that I don't bring.


Get or bring a battery LED task lamp.  I use one that is a part of my optivisor.  Do not count on having electricity.  


1 hour ago, Crimson_king_of_the_tower said:

I just bought an airbrush but have no compressor lol I'm bringing it anyway who knows. As far as miniatures i'm bringing these not sure what i'm going toi do with them but in bringing them lol. Just gotta find some to paint



Badger Airbrush is usually a vendor and have great deals at the con.  Compressors go quick though.  Last year, I got the Sotar air brush in a combo with a compressor for less than the airbrush goes for alone online.  Seriously, beeline to them the first day and see what deals they have and snag a compressor.  Their compressor is fantastic, and I love the Sotar.



1 hour ago, Crimson_king_of_the_tower said:

Same iit's gonna be great! Lol PM me do I can add you to the list of people meats....urm meets


I'll be at the Artist table when I am not otherwise occupied teaching or wandering.  My real name is Andy Pieper.  I'm tall and will likely look like this for most of the Con (though my glasses are now blue):




I almost always wear some flavor of ReaperCon T-Shirt with a Hawaiian shirt.


Feel free to approach me with any painting and/or sculpting questions etc...  If my head is down as I sculpt or paint, DON'T take that as a signal to leave me alone.  I LOVE to chat as I work and will make time for you.  Remember, YOU are the reason that Reaper brings us artists in, so there really isn't anything more important than you to us. 

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Further note that if you ask nicely, you can probably get an after-contest critique even from a judge that didn't judge your mini. Just make sure that you ask for the kind of critique that you really want (and bring a notebook, if notes help you). Last year I asked for a critique specifically for the difference between what I had entered and what would be a silver and got remarkably good feedback.


Thanks, @dks.


Be aware that this kind of feedback can be a bit harder to take if you're used to forum feedback, since a really good critique is going to be specific, detailed, and not especially watered down by kindness. ::D: (I'll note that I got exactly what I both asked for and wanted, so that's not a complaint, just a heads up.) Remember that if you ask for someone to point out the flaws in your work, they're doing you no favors to water that down.


ETA more tips:

  • Ask more than one judge; they'll each remember different things. 
  • You're looking for their impressions. If you disagree, you don't need to say that during the critique, but asking for clarification or specifics is a great idea.
  • You don't have to take everything as gospel. It's your piece of art; the most important thing is that you like the piece when you stop working on it. But for the contest, it's their judgement that matters. Not every concept works well as a contest piece.
  • Think seriously about every comment. Even if you disagree with a specific suggestion, the fact that somebody is pointing something out usually means that something isn't working as well as it might, even if you end up addressing the issue differently than the suggestion.
  • That said, if you hear the same thing from more than one person; it's virtually certain that they're right, at least within  the context of contest judging. And if you disagree, there's a pretty good chance that when your skill level increases, you'll see the same thing.
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2 minutes ago, Valthorn_Illian said:

And is there anyone who can show me how to use a wet palette correctly?



I can certainly show you what finally works for me. I could not get a sponge to work, no matter what I tried. Now I use parchment paper and paper towels. Works like a dream. I will have my lego name tag with my forum name at my spot wherever I am set up. I will have extra wet pallet stuff too if anyone needs it. 

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4 minutes ago, Keianna said:


I can certainly show you what finally works for me. I could not get a sponge to work, no matter what I tried. Now I use parchment paper and paper towels. Works like a dream. I will have my lego name tag with my forum name at my spot wherever I am set up. I will have extra wet pallet stuff too if anyone needs it. 

I keep having to use a butt load of additives or the mixes will dry out in a few minutes and water seems to do nothing.

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