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Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

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No costume this year. In the meanwhile, people will recognize me as being the guy who'll be sweating from the heat *with* a pin badge of my avatar (and proper body hygiene). Disregard any other sweaty men.


As for after hours, I'm planning to buy two bottles of pretty exclusive Canadian drinks. Maple cream liqueur, and ice cider.

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5 minutes ago, Valthorn_Illian said:


Long story in the Bones 4 kickstarter thread. Much saltiness about certain figures being changes, a lot of posts got culled. I thought that was the end of it, but now I'm not so sure. Can't confirm whether anyone was banned, but if they were then it seems rather heavy-handed.

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3 hours ago, ub3r_n3rd said:

Yup. I’ll be there next year I think.  Just bad timing this year. 


Awesome.  We didn't chat much last year if I remember right (I have significant RCon 2017 memory gaps) so I look forward to hanging out when I'm not 90% of a sleep-deprived corpse.  This year I'll be fully recharged!

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2 hours ago, About7Ninjas said:

Bryan said he would be there. Right?


Yes he will be there...but he won't be working for Reaper now so may not have people bothering him with silly questions like "When is my KS4 going to be here?" and "Who is this hungerfan person?"

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I know what Hungerfan looks like, and am willing to point and shout for a small fee, payable in ReaperBucks or chocolate. 


I’m sad Bryan got booted from the boards, but at least he had said he would be at the ‘Con. 

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8 hours ago, Aard_Rinn said:

I have purchased... SHORTS! Yes, shorts for Reapercon! My twelve identical pairs of jeans are unrivaled NO LONGER!




This will be the first RCon that I won't be bring pants down. Shorts, yes of course.


Game prep continues but I'm probably about 90% there. I told myself I'd give till Friday for painting up PC minis but in the end I just sprayed what I had done on them & then this evening, started placing them in their temporary homes err slots in the foam trays. Now the fun part, the DM side of things. Bought a adventure pdf for LVO. I must add what I need for it onto my shopping list now.


Almost there!!!

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