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18 hours ago, Jeepnewbie said:

I’m debating on the darksword dvd on painting from the Reaper store. Does anyone have experience watching them?


I have them all, and they are all good, but they all get better as they go, so the Jess Rich one is best IMO and the worst is the first.  The first is best for beginners though if that is what you are looking for.

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7 hours ago, Gadgetman! said:

Wouldn't the LTPK Core skills make for a better present?

(Of course, if you've already gifted someone the LTPKs, the DVDs would be a logical next step)



It's a present for me.  Everyone else gets zip, because they should just be glad I stopped stealing Christmas.

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The best beginner one is definitely the Anne/Jen video.  Jessica's is probably #2.  


The Marike one is good, but I think, as Wren said, she's not as natural a teacher as the others, so the flow of the verbal instructions left gaps, IMO.  It wasn't a bad tutorial by any means (I think that would have to be the first from the series where they show you minis painted from start to finish - not Jen Haley's, but the other teacher's.  I don't remember what the name of the series was, but it was kind of like 'watch me and figure out what I'm doing').


Now, if we could just get Derek to do one... :lol:


As for the Miniature Mentor videos, they're decent, but they tend to suffer from three issues - 1) They seem to be typically using a different style than most videos/tutorials I'm used to seeing - it's often a very European style with many, many thin layers (think almost painting with washes); 2) Nearly all the people have strong accents making them harder to understand (many are not native English speakers - except Jen Haley, whose monochrome ranger was awesome); and 3) the host tends to talk a lot, and sometimes interrupts the painter, and also sometimes needs to be corrected by the painter.  But there are a lot of videos and they cover many different aspects of miniature painting, sculpting, basing, and actual model kit painting, as well.


That being said, the amount of painting tutorial videos is pretty extensive out there and good for various levels.  Miniature Monthly is also worth looking into, as is Sorastro, who does a lot of videos for tabletop level painting using popular gaming figures such as Zombicide, Arcadia Quest, and Imperial Assault.


My 2 yen,






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