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03846: Vatanis, Maggotcrown (WIP)


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C&C and advice always welcome. Started working on this awesome tiefling/demon. Cleaned off mold lines, except the one on his outstretched arm and hand. The file wouldn't cooperate. Working on his face/head and just wanted to show some pictures. Yesterday, I was frustrated with the mouth, still am.

Paints I used for the skin:

29843: HD Solid Black 

09427: Nut Brown

09401: Dragon Red

09404: Cinnamon Red


Did this in layers

Shadow = Solid Black : Nut Brown (1:3)


Nutbrown : Dragon Red (1:1)

Dragon Red

Dragon Red : Cinnamon Red (1:1)

Cinnamon Red


Spent 4 hours on the skin and face. I'm happy with where he's going at the moment. Tiefling art online for clothes has been rather uninspiring. So many browns, muted tones, or drab colors. 





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Looking good so far! The tops of his cheeks, tip of his nose, and highest part of his forehead may benefit from a tiny tiny highlight of your light color + tan. I think it will make his scowl more pronounced. The mouth does look annoying to work with. Is he showing teeth or just a weird grimace? 

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It is his outstretched hand. My eyes try to focus on the face, but the hand distracts my eye and it wants to focus on that. My vision shakes back and forth on which part to focus on and it gives me a headache. So I am painting the right side of his face at weird angles to avoid the headache.


I tried the highlight color + a tan color. I don't think it came out. Whoa...too much paint has now dried on his face. Used 1.5 hours tonight to touch up and focus on his face. I'll have to try clear red tomorrow for highlight points and then just move on. Tabletop face for the win!



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Looking good! That's some nice blending and great colours for the skin - I love the Nut Brown in the shading, that turned out really beautiful and the Cinnamon Red plays wonderfully with it. I agree that he could use a couple of steps higher of highlight on his face, but I understand if you just want to keep moving forward. A bright orange or orange-leaning yellow to mix in for highlight would work well for mixing into your red to step up for a highlight, but you want to mix it in sparingly.


I don't know that it's so much that your paint was too thick going on, but that your primer coat looks very thick to me. You've got a lot of texture going on that I can see in places where you haven't yet applied paint. Are you using a spray primer? You might want to spray from a couple of inches further back.

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Thanks all!


@Guindyloo I used Reaper's grey brush-on primer and coated the mini, probably too aggressively. I went with two coats to cover. I'll practice the orange on another mini nearby, I had used cyradis's tip and I even tried using yellow. I did not succeed with those two. :D


Due to his pose, I imagine Vatanis as a thespian or a philosopher interacting/debating with an audience. There is an image in my head that I cannot locate on google images, where a male is wearing light lavender robes or a tunic and has his hand spread out to the audience. I think it's an older gentleman. I swear I've seen it online. Maybe...


In this session, I painted his the cloak on his back with purples.


Paints used:

29843: HD Solid Black

29820: Gem Purple

29841: Witchcraft Purple

09024: Amethyst Purple





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1 hour ago, Danilion said:

Yep. New painting goal.  I want to be able to do blends like that. 

Large areas are fun to practice on and easier to hide the lines between layers. I was applying what I learned in two different classes at Reapercon. One was using wet blending to hide the "lines" between layers. And the other was using a dab of paint and "squiggle" the "lines" between layers.

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