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WIP Elf Ranger Rescued From the Bits Bin at Rcon

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First of many bits bin rescues from Reapercon. I started this guy because I wanted to practice painting cloaks, then one thing lead to another. And before I knew it I was mapping out a color scheme. I'm really trying to work on my color theory. So any advice on that would be great. But any criticisms are welcome. 


I've done some initial shading on the front robes. And I've work on the highlights for the cloak. But I'm waiting until all the fiddly bits are painted before working on the big pieces. Since its so easy for me to get paint places I don't want it. 


Side note. I think I eventually gave up trying to paint the insides of the bottom areas. I just got a junk brush and jammed it in there to get some color in there. But I think I missed it when priming. So it's not sticking great. Probably have to do the same tactic but with some primer. 


2017-11-01 08.13.10.jpg

2017-11-01 08.13.58.jpg

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6 hours ago, Cawl_Me_Maybe said:

Next year I'm not going to wait until Saturday to dig through it. 

 Don’t blame ya, I’ll be there too. 

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    • By mrjones
      So when I picked up the LTPK, I also ordered this guy. I have an affinity to rangers, altho by old school rules, my rangers would lose their "good ranger" status and be labeled a fighter..  Anyhow; Officially I painted the skeleton archer 2nd (making Arthal #3), but the skeleton was just so... primitive, I think I spent about 10 minutes on it at the most.
      Arthal was a pain for me.. Especially around the quiver. Half his face was distorted (thankfully the blindside), dunno if it was a production error for a metal mini or what. I was a little disappointed, but its not terribly noticed unless you look specifically at it head on. 
      At first, I wanted to give him a nice bright white cloak with some goldish color trim work. Well the white paint didn't apply like I wanted, it kept revealing the start and end of brush strokes presenting a blotchy appearance. I may order another down the road just to continue practicing on.
      I instead opted for a darker, more 'cloak of the bat' feel. The tunic is based in leather brown, with a wash made of viper green mixed with either some pure black & harvest brown to tone the green down, or with 1 or the other.. I forget.  I know now why its good to keep a journal of mixtures. 
      in some spots it looks like white is coming through in spots.. it does not look that way in person.
      The front of the cloak has highlights on the layers, I did tone it down.
      Touched up the face & ear 
      Top of the bow was corrected.
      And the right side of the belt pouch also was touched up. 
      Scout's honor. 

    • By ShadowRaven
      Yet again, I am never happy with my photography. I don't know why but I no longer seem able to get decent pictures. Not sure if it's the camera, or the operator. As always, have a look, please give feedback, and especially any tips to help me get better.
      Still here they are. Starting with the grave digger. Cash made this look so easy. Me....I made this look so...something.

      Next we have Arthrand Nightblade. Elven ranger. I am really happy with this guys paint job, again, not so much with the picture.

      And with Arthrand, a nice elven hunting cat. Not my best work, but tabletop ready to be certain.

      And last but certainly not least, especially where size matters, the Bones Minotaur.

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