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Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

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Oh man. So I haven’t been able to be around much the past couple of weeks. That’s because I have been busting my elf to tackle the tremendous work backlog that I had piled up in folder after folder af

I'm going to miss "Reaperbryan", but I'm really happy for my friend Bryan.   10/10 would let fire me out of an airlock again.

So, the last thing I posted here was that we were safe and sound back from the sci fi convention. Which was essentially true.   Let me start by saying I’m fine and home resting now.  

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3 hours ago, TheAuldGrump said:

You lie!


The Auld Grump - who already knew that, but has no idea of why he already knew that.


 I also knew that - I think Brian might have accidentally mentioned a business thing in a Dr. Worm post at some point, or some other thing that made it somewhat obvious they were the same person...


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1 hour ago, Pingo said:


Ah.  My daughter has a Youtube channel, “Overly Sarcastic Productions” and Overly Sarcastic Productions has a t-shirt store on threadless.com and on that webstore are available many fine t-shirts she has designed and one of them (in that selfie) is officially titled “Thor and Jormungand” but is unofficially referred to in our family as “augh! catch and release! catch and release!”


That was perhaps too many levels of in-joke.


(But the t-shirts are really cool, she said in a shameless nepotistic plug.)


Maybe this is just something that makes sense to that generation.  My 19 year old glanced at the pic you had (before you'd shared the official title) and his comment was, "looks like the original Ragnarok".    ::D: 


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10 minutes ago, knarthex said:

sounds like you are cooking a Hawaiian maiden....

Wrong Universe.



Edit: added information;


A fruit that grows in Howondaland. It is highly prized by connoisseurs as they rarely prize something common; the colour (earwax) and smell (like a sick anteater) make most people feel ill. It is also covered in spikes.

Its name may be based on the poisonous wahoo fruit, although the description is similar to the durian.

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26 minutes ago, Aryanun said:

Apple pie, blueberry pancakes, cherries jubilee, peach cobbler, bananas foster, oatmeal raisin cookies...


Tortas, streudel, donuts, jellies, jams, and compote.


Cranberry relish at Thanksgiving with the apple walnut stuffing.


I say you are wrong.

It’s like the fruit version of the shrimp speech from Forest Gump. ::D: 

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 The few boxes left of my comic book collection are now sorted by title and condensed into one less box than before...

Now I need to check to see if any of the titles are worth enough to bother trying to sell them. Most of them are showing their age, having sat in a shoe box for a couple decades. However, I do have Spawn #1 and Deadpool #1 in good condition, and a still-sealed copy of X-Force #1 that came with a trading card. Might be worth ten bucks for all of them together, lol.

I also still have a copy of New Mutants #1, but I wouldn't sell that one even if it were in good condition.

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Plans made and unmade: Rendezvous with the wife has been moved across the state line to the casino. I can save my marriage and pay for the entire trip while I'm doing it!



Or, you know, hit a bad streak. Everywhere.


I generally pay for all my trips to the casino with winnings tho.


It's not gambling.


Doc said so.



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Interview in Ann Arbor tomorrow AM. :unsure:




In Pizza related issues: my personal opinion is that pineapple shouldn't appear on pizza, but it is a free country, so you all can enjoy.


But hey, I like Bacon, onion and green olive pizza. 


Also, I don't like fruit pies. 

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