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Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

Froggy the Great

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15 hours ago, Cyradis said:


Hey, the barbarian wields an axe. At least one of you canines is rather proud of all the sparkle. And I wouldn't be surprised if the other started to roll around in it. 


*** HRMPH!***


***The Frog started the Warthatcannotbenamed by glitterbombing us, But go ahead just blame the poor wolf because he has beautiful glitter fur!***


*** Hrmph! These young whippersnappers should be thought a lesson! Where is my Glittercannon?***



15 hours ago, Pingo said:

So, the last thing I posted here was that we were safe and sound back from the sci fi convention. Which was essentially true.


Let me start by saying I’m fine and home resting now.


But the reason I’ve been offline the last couple of days is because Sunday night I had a bit of a scary fainting spell exacerbated by a conflation of circumstances and minor medical issues, some unsuspected, which led to Pingo taking her first ambulance ride, woo!


Not that I remember much of it. :unsure:


Anyhow, it looked like it could have been cardiac, but it wasn’t.  And apparently I need more iron. And water. And salt. And a few antibiotics. And a wee bit of physical therapy.  But aside from that, doing pretty okay.


I missed you guys.


Stay safe and sound Pingo!


14 hours ago, Dr. Wyrm said:

Just FYI This is Bryan. @OneBoot can verify my identity 


Hi Big B!

Happy to see you will be around on the Forums in your new form!


*** Looks at title and signature, looks behind him, phew...nothing!***


14 hours ago, Froggy the Great said:



It Never HappenedTM..  I Didn't Do ItTM.


We both know the truth you evil mudcrawler !


9 hours ago, NomadZeke said:

I has a dragon cake in the oven.


Is that an euphemism for becoming a father to a Dragon?

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9 hours ago, Green Eyed Monster said:

Anybody check out the new toy behind the Power Palette button yet?


Which new toy?



It's an interesting time at work.  I know I complain about work but it has been a known value.  Now it's not quite so known.  I'm not at risk of losing my job but I'm still uncomfortable with the changes.  The foundation has been shaken, so to speak.

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29 minutes ago, Chaoswolf said:

Also, does anyone know why the forums were down for a little bit this morning? I got an 'we're doing some upgrades' message.....

No idea, cause while it was down I saw that Dr. Wyrm was on a flight to Philly... :blink:... guess he wasn't giving anyone a hands-on walkthrough of the forum site...


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I have to get both my cats in their carrier so I can take them and the dog for vaccinations.  Burning questions: will Ibe able to get both cats in the carrier or will one (or maybe both) escape and flee to an unreachable place.

Will the dog sucked in assisting in an escape? She really hates it when her kitties get put in the “box” and she tries to get them out.

Fingers crossed for all fluffiest to be vaccinated and no scratches.

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