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Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

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Oh man. So I haven’t been able to be around much the past couple of weeks. That’s because I have been busting my elf to tackle the tremendous work backlog that I had piled up in folder after folder af

I'm going to miss "Reaperbryan", but I'm really happy for my friend Bryan.   10/10 would let fire me out of an airlock again.

So, the last thing I posted here was that we were safe and sound back from the sci fi convention. Which was essentially true.   Let me start by saying I’m fine and home resting now.  

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10 minutes ago, Green Eyed Monster said:

Wait till next Halloween Season and you can save $150 or more off of that price.



Not likely at this point after yesterday. I'm no longer inclined to put anything outside for anyone's enjoyment if it's just going to get stolen like my Christmas dragon was. :angry:::(:

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5 minutes ago, Tripleh5133 said:


Not likely at this point after yesterday. I'm no longer inclined to put anything outside for anyone's enjoyment if it's just going to get stolen like my Christmas dragon was. :angry:::(:


Horrid. Been happening around here too.


May the culprit be found hanging by delicate parts of their anatomy.

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Snow at work tonight. But at least it isn't windy like it was yesterday. That was just begging for frostbite to happen. Tonight, though, I'm going to get a crash course in how to use the salt spreader.


At least I don't have to plow yet...

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I think I should compile the funny results of the Questing Questions into a thread, just because some of those were quite elaborate and worth recalling (and piecing together - Doug's with Doug's, Pezler's with Pezler's, etc). 

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More or less caught up.

Yesterday took a sudden right turn when I received an email from one of the Model Railroad groups I follow/am affiliated with.

Seems family of a deceased Model Railroader had turned residue of a lifetimes collecting and hobbying over to club for disposition.

One of members had in garage and was first come first served, take whatever you want as whatever remained by next trash day would be going in dumpster for final disposal.

I imediately made arrangements with custodian and wife and I made trip "over the hill" with empty boxes partially filling back seat.

By time we made it over hill someone else had already been there and took all of tools and DVDs, which was OK with me as my incentive to make trip was 9 heavy notebooks filled with old [circa 1950s and 60s] Model Railroader Magazine.  Picked up those, half a dozen VHS tapes and a large quantity of misc. "projects" and pieces and parts.  Plus some very hard to find dual gauge track.

Have part of stuff put away and still figuring out where to stash rest.

Nice early Christmas Present.

Now back to project at hand, which is constructing out of foamboard suitable boxes for dropper bottles of Reaper Paints.

I've got a pretty solid design worked out that holds a 9 x 12 grid of paint bottles that will store easily and display bottles in an easy to work with fashion.

All for now.

Play Nice.


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Well, crash course in salt spreading didn't happen. Because the temperature managed to raise itself by about 10 degrees between 8pm and 11pm. So rather than being the originally forecast 28-29 degrees, it's about 38. So even though snow is falling, it's not sticking enough to impact the salt that was already spread at 5pm. Which also means that the baffling-why-it-was-issued winter weather advisory for 2-4 inches of snow isn't happening either.


I don't know why they decided to issue the advisory. When it snows here, we frequently get 2-4 inches. It's not a huge deal. Best guess is that they issued it because this is the first real snowfall we've had this year, but that's some flimsy reasoning when it's the middle of December and snow should be expected.

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15 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

All that Goat Talk made me take a test!

Something I won't do normally, since these test are silly and useless!!!






Mad Goat



No one eat ur graz.

Very good feet but u need to chill.

u nedz graz

BUT graz not life okay

I'm pretty sure whoever made that was high as a kite when they did it.  I got "cool goat". Because I'm "chillinz" :rolleyes:



11 hours ago, PaganMegan said:


Why? Why did I read that article?!


Learn something new and disgusting everyday!

Oh, yeah, that article was bad. Those poor rat creatures get tortured for poop coffee. :sigh:


17 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:


That's an American thing right?

What did you do /or not do?



So, companies in other countries don't write up their employees for doing something wrong? Jebus. 



Found out today that my dad's insurance premiums hadn't been paid since he got in the hospital and he lost his insurance. Was told that he can reapply during the open enrollment period starting in October 2018. Oh but they called and left messages... on a number that was disconnected. 


He he still has Medicare, but it's iffy if he'll have further coverage. The lady called me back a few minutes after the conversation and said she'd try to figure out if there was anything they could do, since my dad had been hospitalized and was now in a dementia care ward. 


It didn't even occur to me that that was something we had to do...

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