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Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

Froggy the Great

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28 minutes ago, Gadgetman! said:

Also, checks...

I have never even owned a checkbook...

There's just no need for one in civilised areas. 

i pay my mortgage , my electricity and internet bills, my phone bill, car insurance(and road tax. it's collected by the insurance agencies now, here.) and all other bills online.  


Most companies here have realised that getting the money vi online banking is cheaper for them, too, so even give rebates to entice people to switch over.

So most bills show up automatically in the bank, and ust needs to be approved. And some, like my phone bill, are automatically approved as long as they're under certain limit(set by me)

The receipt, or the invoice goes to my secure digital mailbox.

(Everyone in Norway has one. But only approved companies and organisations can send to it. )


Thinking about it, I haven't been inside a bank in over a decade. 


My taxes...

A pre-filled form is waiting for me at a special website(2factor athentication, so only I can get to it), and there I can choose to approve it or edit, then approve. And if I feel lazy, I don't even have to log on. Not logging on or approving/editing would be taken as approval, and it's automatically approved on the last day.

Then, if I get any money back(it has happened...) they come automatically to my bank account listed in my user profile on the site.   

Of course, I can do a lot of other things on that website, also...

If I sell my car, I can do the ownership transfer there, and a few days laterthe buyer gets a new vehicle registration form in the post. 

No need to visit the DMV for that. 

There's all kinds of forms for business owners and such also. 

Probably hunting permits, too.

And in a few years, we expect that old people, truckers and anyone else who needs a medical form to renew their license can also do that there.   

(Most of it is already in place. It's just that the doctors are woefully behind times and only do paper forms, yet... The DMV and a couple of other departments are financing the SW development for them. )

Our DMV and other public services have realised that the more that people can do from home, the fewer people they need to have 'up front'. In fact, some DMV offices are now only open 4 days/week. Sure, the employees are onsite the 5th day also, but then they do case work.   

(Lots of papers for private car imports, documents for reclassification of cars and so on)

They've even started taking 'outside work'...   

Need to take the theoretical for a commercial drone license? Yeah, you'll get stuck in a room full of 17 and 18year olds trying to not fail the theory for the Class B car license....


So jealous...



55 minutes ago, Pingo said:


I like a green skin mixed from Phthalo Green and Burnt Sienna (and white, obvs.). Translated, that’s a rosy-tan Caucasian skin tone plus peacock green.


An even mix makes a grey that’s great for half-orcs. Tilt the mix towards the green and you have an organic-looking, plausible green skin that has just enough red in it to not subconsciously trigger that “Aagh! It’s a leaf!” reflex.


42 minutes ago, Morihalda said:


That's awesome, thank you! I love when you give out great color mixes and explain why it's a good mix.

What Mori said. That's really helpful!

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On 4/11/2018 at 2:52 PM, NebulousMissy said:

We might be moving to a bigger place.


Sort of.


Upgrade from a studio to a one-bedroom but the living-area square footage isn't much different. There's more storage tho for all those minis. It's in the same building so it's not like we'll be moving far. We'll lose our (barely functional) dishwasher and the new kitchen will be the exact same style of tiny as this one. The cost is only $150-$200 more per month.


We will not be moving to a bigger place.


The kitchen made the decision for us. The oven was tiny, the cupboards were all junky and grungy and gross, there was no pantry space, the fridge was difficult to get to and the low ceiling made the entire apartment feel small.


I blame diurnal people. If I'm being asked to look at a place before coffee I won't have an accurate view of it. I work nights. We both do. We had to go up and look when we were, yanno, awake to get a proper view of it all.


We will, however, wait until the 8th floor apartments are done with their renovating. Then we'll take a look at them.

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44 minutes ago, DocPiske said:

The undead skin triad makes for nice orc skin when given a flesh or chestnut wash. Just enough green. Unless you like your orcs to look like GW WH40k Orks. That's certainly a look...


“Augh!  It’s a leaf!”

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1 hour ago, Glitterwolf said:


Indeed, 1917....I do hope they didn't refer to the Spanish Flu!

Reactivating that would be...bad...



Yes, it's the Spanish flu they mean. 


Whether or not it was worse that the worts of the modern day flu virii is actually not all that certain. 

It's just that we now have the ability to create vaccines soon after a new virus shows up. 


A couple of other interesting fact about Longyearbyen, is that it's the only place in Norway that we can fly 'domestic' to and still be required to show a Passport. 

(It's outside the Schengen area. google it)


Also, there's NO Unemployment there. You're free to move there(also applies to refugees, including those running from Trump and just about anyone else with a valid passport and isn't wanted by Interpol), but you will have to pay your own way.

There's no social services to help you out. 

I know that there's been artists living there for a few years, a Dutch diamond cutter... 


They have a univeristy there, UNIS, but they only offer a few courses, no complete path to a degree. And the satellite dishes there are probably the most sought-after for satellite downlinks since they can pick up any polar orbit satellites.

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20 hours ago, TheAuldGrump said:

Incidentally, the award of Most Deadly Monster in the pirates' game goes to the school of Fiendish Sharks - which did their best to make sure that the PCs that died and fell into the water would not be available for raising from the dead. ::P:


Two of the PCs last night were not only killed, they were eaten. (Turned out that being a flying target over fiendish shark infested water was not the best route to survival.)


The gargoyle was likewise killed, but sank like, well, a stone.


Sam's witch, who was targeted, hit, but not killed, immediately made a strategic reposition to the deck of the ship.


Easily the deadliest game I have run in a while, certainly the deadliest for the kids game.


The Auld Grump

Gawd! I remember those damned -literally - sharks!


And then tossing the Thrune admiral into the water, after giving her a bleeding wound. Turned out that half devil sharks do not make good pets! ::D:


They just kept circling the battle, and when it was over, I think that they came out as the real winners!


There was just something so piratical about making the Chellish officers walk the plank over water teeming with hell sharks!


My blood rager was so much fun to play! She was the kind of person that gives half orcs a bad reputation!

20 hours ago, TheAuldGrump said:

But, and this is important - the pirates won, and the Shackles remains a thorn in the Thrice Damned House of Thrune's side.


There are now three fewer members of their royal family.... (Nepotism has its downside when you lose in a naval exchange... And when the magazine goes *BOOM* it doesn't really matter how much fire resistance you had.)



By the way - somebody is having a birthday tomorrow, and it isn't me. ::D:


Hopefully the tee I ordered for her either got here today or gets here tomorrow. (One tee that I will never, ever, wear. ::P: )


The Auld Grump


Are you smiling because I'm having a birthday, or because you AREN'T? ::P:


We got two packages today, one from a tee shirt place, the other from Mierce.


Am I correct in thinking those are the presents? ::D:


He has promised me Baked Alaska as the cake. ::): Which is probably why the freezer is filled with ice cream.

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16 hours ago, Morihalda said:

I need to get up and grab more foil for my armature, but there's a really soft cat in my lap....


She's so cute. :wub:

I need to move. :down: 

Guess I'm staying here....


Another example of an unfair universe: Cats are more portable for Grump than they are for me.


When I need to get up and have to move the kitty, she gets all offended, it doesn't matter if I try to mover her aside, or try to carry her. She stalks up, tail in a disapproving question mark.


When Grump gets up, he drapes whichever cat he has over his shoulder and it starts purring,


If he just moves it, IT STAYS ASLEEP!


UNFAIR! They're MY cats!

16 hours ago, Unruly said:

Well, tonight at work two bums got into a fight over who had done more prison time, no lie, and one of them stabbed the other in the leg. Because that's a good thing to stab someone over, right? Man, I done more prison time than you! Nuh uh! Uh huh! Nuh uh! *stab*


People are dumb as dumb can get...

We need a face palming LIKE for posts like that. People are thick as two short planks.


Randomness XIV - Keep Plenty of Brain Bleach On Hand.

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4 hours ago, Pingo said:

My periodontist is very happy with me.


Apparently not that many patients actually do what their doctors tell them to.


Anyhow, stitches all out, mouth looks great, nuts and popcorn (in moderation) allowed once again.


Popcorn, I have missed yoooooou.

I'm so ready to eat popcorn again. After the last checkup I'm not allowed until things are resolved.


2 hours ago, Morihalda said:


Oh goodness gracious. Even when I'm not around, you guys get to me. :lol: I love that color and I actually dyed my hair purple in December. 

I have sarcastic hair now.... 



That's awesome, thank you! I love when you give out great color mixes and explain why it's a good mix.

I plan on dying my hair purple, soon I hope. I've been procrastinating to get a hair cut but after that, maybe before, I will order the dye.


2 minutes ago, Paradoxical Mouse said:

Also, just because I've not seen any posts point it out. It's National Grilled Cheese day (not sure if that should be international).

I had no idea, I just ate a grilled cheese.



I'm exhausted and brain weasels are running rampant around here. Once Husband wakes up from his nap it'll be time to run errands and then hopefully will have some time to get painting (or something else distracting) done.

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