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77081: Burning Sphere and Tamiya Clears


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To follow up on my experiments with Tamiya Clears, I present its effects on the Orange Translucents. Unfortunately, it doesn't work as well on the thicker pieces.   At some point, I think I need to go back and retry this with a different orange mini, like the medium fire elemental. 


Warning, pic heavy

I don't have an untouched Burning Sphere, so no picture of it untouched.
First up, Tamiya Clear YellowIMG_2197.thumb.JPG.55252a47c5a854a714ef636a3c6b15e6.JPG


Tamiya Clear Blue:


Tamiya Clear Green:


Tamiya Clear Smoke:


Tamiya Clear Red:



Tamiya Clear Orange:



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5 hours ago, Cranky Dog said:

Compared to your Shadow Demon experiment, the original orange is really persistent.

I think it has as much to do with the thickness of the piece as it does the color.  Won't know for sure until I get the chance to get some of the Medium Fire Elementals, which have the thin wings like the Shadow Demons. 

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