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Yellow Sign Undead, AKA: That's not an arm...

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This broccolien guy, I swear. I go to paint the bandages on him and I'm like wait that's not a bandage, that's a tentacle. So I painted the bandages I could make out and the skin the same color, planning on doing something with the skin later, maybe a touch of grey. I have no idea where I'm gonna start with the tentacular mass. What the even broccoli.



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Hm alright, that went better than I was expecting, even without the dark basecoat. Think I'm pretty much done with this one, need to get moving on the next ones. After I varnish of course. C&C for the next ones would be much appreciated :)



Oh and another quick question. Does anyone know if using gloss medium/varnish as a medium has the same effect as a varnish? Or should I go over it again with just the sealant?


EDIT 2: Finish AFTER I do the base. Nothing special, just using yellow to differentiate the faction.

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