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Cleaning Old Minatures


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I use Simple Green too. You can get big jugs of it at Sam's Club.


Just be warned that not all acrylic paints come off easily with it. I had to soak a pair of Liquitex painted badgers for a month, with several episodes with a toothbrush in the middle. Finaly got them mostly clean.



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One word.....Acetone.  It's cheap, strong, fast and effective, and it evaporates so leaves next to no residue.

....and will strip the skin right off your hands if you don't wear gloves. It does work though. I use it when Simple Green doesn't. SG can't strip all kinds of paint. I seems to do just fine on my acrilics though (Reaper and Vallejo mostly).


Also, remember to open a window when you use acetone. :wacko:

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