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    • By Maledrakh
      “Off to off the wizard”
      The figures are from Reaper Bones KS3, “Chronoscope Wild West Oz”.  Since they all were armed, I see this as a sort of hit squad, hence the title.
      I based them on 30mm round display bases from Reaper, and I 3d Printed a 20mm round in a similar style for Toto.
      Since not only the Tin Man, but also the flying monkey are obvious metal robots, I think “Weird West Oz” or even “Steampunk Oz” would be a more fitting moniker.
      The miniatures are made in the slightly harder Bonesium, henceforth to be known as Better Bones™. Since the third Bones kickstarter, all Chronoscope Bones are coloured grey,
      The Flying Monkey, Lion, Tin Man and Scarecrow are sculpted by Bob Ridolfi, with Dorothy and Toto by Julie Guthrie. Only the Scarecrow seems to be released in Bones as of yet.
    • By Kev!
          Good deed doers! And, their hearts are no bigger than yours...

      P.S. But they have one thing you haven't got...
    • By Ratmaster2000
      Have a quick question about Kickstarter III Oz figures:
      I think I have figured out who is who except for one:
      224 - Tinman with an axe
      225 - Is this the wizard or the lion?
      226 - scarecrow with a big scythe
      227 - Wicked witch
      228- Monkey
      229 - Dorothy and toto
      so what is 225?
      I am hoping I can get the KSIII core set off someone soon:)
    • By Froggy the Great
      The First Ones are malevolent spirits coalesced into living metal light-eating bodies. Their war with the Silmn has run time without end. These Eidolon type soldiers have uploaded themselves body and spirit into their battle armor and fight as ghosts in their own machines.
      Figures are Reaper Miniatures' "Tin Man" with extensive modifications.

    • By Garomero
      Hey there guys been away for a while due to illness but while convalescing I made this diorama Its the Tin man arriving at the Wizards lair for a heart. However my Wizard of Oz requires Tin man to prove he deserves his heart through combat!
      Hope you love the diorama and as always comments are wanted and appreciated!






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