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03337 Terezinzya - Goth Sorceress

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Lets make a start to balance out my many, many, many non-Reaper WIP threads:-




I thought I was being so clever putting her on a recessed base, so I could bury the little pile of rocks she's standing on. Unfortunately, I didn't realize until it was too late that her arm-cape actually goes down the side of the rock pile, going to have to re-think my basing ideas :down:


Wasn't intending to start painting her yet, but thought I'd do a bit while other stuff was drying:-




Her skin has been basecoated with 1:1 Flat Flesh/Light Flesh and given a Fleshshade Wash.


Now back to watching paint dry.

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You could used that recessed base to your advantage, by probably making a water area and some kind of a pond around her. On the other hand, I don't see why the stone stuff should be buried. It works good and especially when you use grass tufts or so, you could really make it look awesome.


But afar from that: Great start and I am looking forward to seeing it progressing further and further (and what you will come up with regarding the base)

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   I don't have that one anymore, but as I recall, her sleeve is thin enough that you could bend up the end of it to look like it was realistically lying on the ground at the same level as her feet.


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Thanks for all the comments everyone!


Had I not already assembled her, I would probably have given bending her sleeve a try, I'm just too worried about breaking her now. I think a water base is the way to go.


Did a bit more painting:-




Finished off her skin with highlights of 1:1 Flat Flesh/Light Flesh and 1:1:1 Flat Flesh/Light Flesh/Off-white.

She then got eyes and lips (Hexed Lichen > 1:1 Hexed Lichen/Off-white), I gave myself a headache focusing on her face for too long, so that's all for today.

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Been fighting with hair today:-




Her hair started as a basecoat of 1:1 Andrea Blue/Glacier Blue, I then highlighted this with pure Glacier Blue but the colour jump was too great, so I made a wash of the basecoat to try and blend it in a bit.


This did not work at all.


The wash had ridiculous coverage and basically took me back to step 1.


Attempt 2 started with a basecoat of Glacier Blue with a little bit of Andrea Blue, then highlights of pure Glacier Blue and 2:1 Glacier Blue/Off-white.


Still not that happy with it, but it'll do.


Also did her hair grip in Bronze, that'll get a highlight tomorrow.



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More progress:-




Been trying to work out just what the heck she's wearing.

Picked out various parts of her costume, basecoated them 1:1 Hexed Lichen/Scarlett Red, then highlights of pure Scarlett Red and 1:1 Scarlett Red/Red Orange, did the buckles in Oily Steel, then gave it an all over Blackshade Wash.


Now on to the next area of her outfit.

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I'm actually struggling with her colours at the moment, she's wearing so many layers it's getting hard to keep her out of Clown Town.






Gave her purple knee-pads (Hexed Lichen > Blackshade Wash > Hexed Lichen > 1:1 Hexed Lichen/Wolf Grey), also used this colour on the trim of her coat and the guard on her left hand.

Going to try and finish her legs today.

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Double progress:-




Didn't quite finish her legs.

She got steel boots (Oily Steel > Blackshade Wash > Oily Steel), black leggings (1:1 Black/Stormy Blue > 1:1:1 Black/Stormy Blue/Cold Stone Grey), pointless leg belts (Leather Brown > Brownshade Wash > 1:1 Leather Brown/Cork Brown) with Bronze clasps but there is still one more layer of clothing to paint on her legs, so I need to think of another colour.

While painting her pointless leg belts, I also did all her other belts and pouches and things.

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More progress:-




Today has been all about arm-capes.

It was basecoated with 5 (or 6, the ratios got complicated today):1 Off-white/Hexed Lichen, highlighted with Off-white with 2 or 3 brushfuls of basecoat mixed in and shaded with Hexed Lichen and 2 or 3 brushfuls of both the basecoat and highlight mixed in.

A little detail I discovered, and really loved, is she has the remains of another arm-cape on the other arm, I guess dungeon delving has been tough on her outfit?


I also used the base colour for her final layer of leggings, and started on her sleeves with Bonewhite with a Sepiashade Wash.

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