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OneBoot Tackles the Random d20 Rainbow Dragon Challenge!

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I actually really enjoy working with a limited color palette, so when I saw this thread proposing a color palette limited to 3 rolls of a d20 against a preselected chart of colors, I had to jump in! Now the Reapercon is finished, I thought it high time I finally started my dragon. I chose Kyphrixis, because he's such a cute little dragon (plus he's the only one of the 3 available options I actually had but that totally has no bearing on my decision whatsoever :ph34r:).


Here are my colors:



Since the print is kind of small, here's the numbers: 19, 11, 15. So, according to the chart, that's Pure Black, Violet Red and Mint Green.


I did wish I'd gotten something other than Pure Black for one of my rolls, since I'm going for the THREE STAR CHALLENGE (which means I'll only have 4 colors to work with instead of 5, since I am allowed my 3 rolled colors + White and Black for highlighting and shading). But that's okay, because I love a good challenge! :bday:


To start off, here's Ky (that's what I'll call him from here on out since remembering how to spell his name each time will get annoying lol) all washed, trimmed, and primered with Brown Liner:




I'll continue in a later post, since that's where I start the actual painting stuff!



--OneBoot :D

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I decided to tackle the terrain first and get it out of the way, since I figured it would be a good warm up. 


I started with a 50/50 mix of Solid White and Solid Black (I remembered far too late that I was supposed to use Pure White and Pure Black, but as the colors are identical, I think that will be okay) and did a sort of dampbrush on it (as opposed to drybrush, where most of the color is scrubbed out of the brush; this involves just dabbing it off on a paper towel a few times).




That looked pretty okay, so I pumped up the white ratio to 2:1 and did a slightly lighter dampbrush, paying particular attention to edges:




Then I did a final highlight layer of a lot of white + 1 drop of black (I didn't keep track) and just hit the edges of the blocks to make them look extra worn.




After thinking for a few minutes, I decided it looked a little boring, so I tried to make a moss color using only white, black and Mint Green. I...sort of succeeded. It's at least kind of a lichen color! 4:4:1: Solid White : Mint Green : Solid Black




I scumbled that into several recessed areas, or wherever I thought needed more excitement. The effect is more subtle than I was expecting (too subtle for the camera) but here's a picture anyways:




So that's the terrain finished! ^_^



--OneBoot :D


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You rocked my world with that pun, Bryan, thank you. :upside:


I pondered how to make Ky more interesting than "Paint it all BLACK" so I basecoated him in Violet Red!



Don't worry, I have a plan. A clever plan! :B):


A second coat was needed. He's looking nicely red now!




--OneBoot :D


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So, uh, my clever plan of mostly going back over the scales again with black might not work out so well....




That's a pretty stark transition, much too sharp for what I have in mind.


So, time to start mixing things!



5:1 Violet Red : Solid Black is a promising mix, though I do still want a bit of red in there, so going forward I think I'll only do most of the area of the scale with this mix.



--OneBoot :D

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Hmm...kinda liking how he's looking so far!






Though I gotta say, it's very weird and counter-intuitive to be shading where I should be highlighting. It's like I'm painting in Backwards Land! Deeper highlights! Higher shadows! :lol:


And here he is so far, looking all smokey.





Note that I've not touched the claws or wing membranes yet.


My inspiration was actually @Mr Melons most excellent lava worm, where he did something similar. I won't be able to do anything near as cool without yellow, but it's a neat effect nevertheless. ^_^



--OneBoot :D

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Thank you! ^_^


I was all excited about the next step (adding black to the edges of the scales) but after completing the head, I realized that, um....






He...really didn't look like a black dragon with reddish areas. He looked like a red dragon with blackish areas. :mellow:  :down:


So I stared at him for awhile, and realized that the problem was that there was too much red showing. Which meant...yep, I basically had to paint every scale with the red/black mix A SECOND TIME. :zombie:


Still, this wasn't going to be nearly as bad as repainting all of Ma'al Drakar (I told myself), so suck it up and get it done; you'll be so much happier with the final result if you do!


So I took my own advice and repainted all of the scales (which wasn't as bad as I'd thought it would be, since I didn't have to paint over the entire scale, just over more of the red areas). Here is the head after that second layer:






Better, definitely getting there! I also thinned my paint a bit more for this step to make it blend more evenly.


Next, I redid the black on the head:






Oh, SO MUCH BETTER! :wub:  Now he looks like a mostly black dragon with reddish areas; the picture is actually picking up the red a bit more strongly than it shows up in person (plus once I seal him up, the black areas will get EVEN BLACKER which will further help the effect). Huzzah! :bday:


I'll post a few more pictures in another post, since this one is getting long.



--OneBoot :D

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Here's a shot of the head on the body, to give an idea how the rest of him will look:



You can also see that there's not much straight red showing any more.


There's also a cool sort of optical illusion going on, which I hadn't anticipated (but makes total sense when I stopped to think about it). From one angle, he looks more blackish:



But from the back, he looks more reddish!



I can even see the effect without moving him; notice that the neck area looks a lot darker than his back and belly, even though roughly the same amount of red is showing in each area:



Yay for fun unexpected paint effects! :bday: 


I'll post another update once I'm done PAINTING ALL THE THINGS BLACK. ^_^



--OneBoot :D

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It's actually looking more like my wife's Deathwing than my Magmaw. 


Also, have you tried mixing a drop of the red into the white and putting a thin line where you have the red and the scales meet. Try it in a test area first tho. It should give it a glowing look and it should counter balance the dark and make it pop.

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Ky is really looking wonderful!  I was thinking you could mix the red and mint green to get a purple for an additional color/colors to add to your list if you wanted, but I rather love your mostly black with some red showing idea!

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      --OneBoot :D
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