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Is my wit as clever as I think it is?

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I'm working on a Christmas gift for a D&D playing friend. It's basically a "banner" of 3d letters spelling out a favorite phrase of hers, but each letter is embedded with D&D themed pictures. 

I've put a hidden meaning in this letter, but I want to see if it's too obvious, or too subtle.  Can you get it?


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provided the figure at the bottom is, as I believe it is, a silhouette of Disney's most bookish princess, this is perfect.

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So it's pretty obvious then? 

I'm wondering if I want it that obvious.   My other hidden one is going to be a B filled with Dragons - as in "Always Be yourself. Unless you can be a Dragon. Then be a Dragon."

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My stealthy ninja skills won out! ::P:

Although we've all guessed it, I don't think that means it's too obvious. I think it's very clever.

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I think the meaning is clear, once you decide to look for it. Which is pretty excellent, as it rewards a careful viewer. If it were part of a book of puzzles, I would say it was quite an easy one, but as it seems like more of an easter egg, I think it is great.


I also like that the poofy sleeves and ponytail make a very clear reference to Belle, rather than simply being a generic "beauty" silhouette, as it creates a further level of reference to reward the viewer.

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If the elements are just right then they're easy to recognize, but if they're not then it's almost impossible.  We were told to look for the meaning, which was a pretty big clue.  It's also a render, which tends to make everything look a little sharper and more exaggerated than the final product.  I wouldn't change anything just based on the fact that we guessed it.  


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Thanks folks.  

LittleBluberry - good point about the render. It will look a bit softer once it's printed, and painted. 

Edit: Software instead of softer?  Damn autocorrect. Fixed that. 

Edited by kristof65
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It doesn't hurt if this one is easy to guess. The letter 'B' sounds like it will be a real elf in the butt to solve for most(I wouldn't 'get it'... ) and if all were that difficult it could disheaten whoever is trying to solve the puzzles. 

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