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15 minutes ago, Erifnogard said:

Better get this one right my friend.  After all you live with the model and things might get a little awkward if you don't do him justice!


I will!


I have tried before and painted him in 25 mm



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6 minutes ago, SisterMaryNapalm said:

"Brutus, stop playing with that knife. You'll end up hurting someone."

- Julius Caesar,  12 tasks of Asterix.



Quite fitting here ;-D


You have guessed who Brutus is named after.

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24 minutes ago, SisterMaryNapalm said:


Was the only Brutus I could think of.


I found it a fitting name.Roman General who disposed of a Tyrant..

My last one was called Odin ( The Allfather), the one before that Balthar ( loosely named after Gaius Baltar, from Battlestar Galactica), and the Boxer's my Parents had, were all called Pasja ( Turkish General)

7 minutes ago, Cyradis said:

I would like to give BrutusDog a hug now. Please provide him a hug on my behalf. 


Consider it done.




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