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Since I now have all the colours I need for this challenge, and Stormwing was suitable prepped, I didn't really have any excuse any more. 


My dice rolls, as mentioned earlier was:

Heather Blue,

Violet Red,

Blush Pink.


And since I have no idea of how to make those colours work together, I've decided that I might just as well go whole hog and do a 3Star challenge. 

So no shades or highlight colours. Just Pure White and Pure Black to help out with. 



I'm also adding Grey Liner, as a Primer only.  




Stormwing and base has been Lined. Not all that even, but then again, it shouldn't be visible later since it's there as a Primer only. 


The mess in my pallette was me trying to find a way to blend the colours. 

Nope, didn't really find anything, so no blending. 


It may look as if there's some blue on Stormwing, but that's just the camera being fooled by the lighting. 

(Vilet Red is to the left of 'six o clock' and Blue is to the right. Blush Pink is in the center.)

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Got a little bit more done...




From a bit of distance the Heather Blue actually looks pretty even. Not my worst airbrushing job...  

That was done a couple of days ago.




Yeah I drybrushed the undersides of the wings. Mostly because there's a pattern in the skin that I hoped to bring out properly. 

With a bit more experience I might have actually gotten it to look the way I really wanted to, also.

I'm leaving the upper side as is. 


I've given the mouth a bit of a Pink job. 

Note to self; If I ever do this mini again, I won't glue on the top of the head until AFTER I paint the mouth!

I have also attempted eyes, but no, I won't show that because... yeah, botched it. 

Also, pink does NOT work for pupils...  


I'm also experimenting with the spines. We'll see how that ends up... later... 

I'll also do 'something' on the chest and belly scales involving the Violet Red, and generally wash and highlight a bit.


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There's way too many spines on Stormwing...



And of those that have been painted, most needs another coat, too...   


Also, the chest, belly and underside of the tail has been given a wash of Violet Red, then a bit of a drybrush with Blue. 


Still not certain what more I will do with the spines, but I will need to do 'something' at least; they're way too prominent as they are.  

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3 hours ago, midshipmaneasy said:

Nice work so far.


A bit worried how similar it is looking to mine despite a different colour "selection". Are we thinking alike?


I think it is Xiwo's that is similar to mine too. It is okay if we end up with similar dragons - just don't deliberately copy :poke:


Or freehand it up to be different!

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On 01/12/2017 at 3:04 AM, Cyradis said:


I think it is Xiwo's that is similar to mine too. It is okay if we end up with similar dragons - just don't deliberately copy :poke:


Or freehand it up to be different!


Copying is the sincerest form of flattery. ::D:

It more the case that I am surprised that with somewhat different colour rolls and different styles/methods that the dragons are looking so similar.

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On 30/11/2017 at 11:26 PM, Gadgetman! said:

Well, you know... Great minds and all that... ;-)


Actually, yours is looking much better than mine.


Hopefully, mine will start looking halfway decent when I start washing and highlighting here and there.


Looking better? I am pretty much done on the dragon and you have all the fiddly stuff to go. I'm more from the Buglips painting school.

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33 minutes ago, midshipmaneasy said:


Copying is the sincerest form of flattery. ::D:

It more the case that I am surprised that with somewhat different colour rolls and different styles/methods that the dragons are looking so similar.


 We both got mint green primary and some sort of blue secondary. It happens.

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