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80031: Decker Lugstampf


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Even in a speed paint your distinctive style shines through. The Mechanical Mad Man looks like a proper villain. Your colors give me ideas for the metal version I have primed & ready to go thus making this an inspirational creation. VERY NICELY DONE! 

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2 hours ago, VolksFest said:

Wow to that armor!! How on earth did you get that color? Awesome and to the point! Wow again..


Thank you! :blush: It’s almost embarrassingly simple, faster to do almost than to write about.


I primed him with Reaper’s Brown Liner lightly thinned so that he was a slightly blotchy dark brown all over. Then I washed over that with thinned Carbon Black, not enough to make him solid black, just very dark and uneven.


(One day of painting a whole bunch of faces later and he was primed dark brown with a painted head.)


I used three metallic colors to paint him: gold, silver, and copper.


I thinned the silver paint down a bit and used a fairly good brush to lightly lay down single layers of color in a controlled drybrushing manner, thin enough that the grimy underpainting still had a bit of presence.  This is especially noticeable on the W-shaped silver “swallow tail” in his back view.


This isn’t classic drybrushing, but rather a sort of breathing on of a layer of color which has been thinned down and picked up (and mostly wiped off from) a just-damp fairly good quality brush.  There should be enough paint to thinly go over high points without washing into cracks and crannies. It’s no disaster if some does, since you can wash over the finished silver with something dark, but I find keeping metallic silver out of those low spots makes it look more realistic.


I painted the gold and copper on more thickly, in two layers.


Then I washed over the metallics with transparent colors to age them.


I have three favorite basic tarnish-patina colors I like to use over metallics: Straight black thinned to transparency (to suggest tarnish on silver), naturally transparent straight Burnt Sienna sometimes with some Burnt Umber (to suggest rust on iron), and an opaque turquoise blue-green mixed from Phthalo Green and Titanium White, well thinned down (to suggest the verdigris which develops on copper and bronze).


The patina colors are applied like washes, wet and a little messy.


Normally I don’t use black over gold, but I wanted this to look grimy. 


I wanted the suit to look like a lot of different metals, so I washed rusty color over some, but not all, of the silver as well as most of the gold. I alternated a bit between patina colors to get more nuanced overlapping. Patina colors should be dry before adding other colors. I put the verdigris on last, well watered down, irregularly dabbed on and definitely sinking into nooks and crannies (I also did not limit it to the gold and copper areas).


The nice thing about painting patinas like this is that sloppy carelessness actually makes it look more authentic. ^_^


I went back in with the pure metallics to do a bit of highlighting, noticeable on the “W”-edge of the back swallowtail. I used the gold to highlight the copper in a few places, and in the case of his “loincloth-plate” in front I essentially painted entirely over the copper with (a thin layer of) gold.  And that’s it.


So basically: 

1. Really dark underpainting

2. Three metallics, the silver one rather carefully applied

3. Slosh on three different colors for patina and lining

4. Touch up metallic highlights

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