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Guindyloo and Buglips paint DHL 03100: Thanis the Bonecaller

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It's interesting to watch because, of course, I just did this figure so it's fresh enough in my mind to remember the painting of it*, but she is doing many more steps for things than I did.  The lips in particular, because for me that was just "darken mouth; paint chestnut".  The extra effort pays off and gives more depth to the mini, so it shows it's worth doing when you have the time to spend.


*This might seem a weird thing to say, since I finished less than a week ago, but I have since completed a Ral Partha lady barbarian and by tonight I will have finished a Reaper Marbrezuk Demon (the Bob Olley one) so it feels like a long time ago.  (In February, I acquired a Ral Partha Red Dragon of Krynn that I bought, had shipped, stripped, and painted so fast I'm still surprised when I see it on the shelf.  I have legitimately forgotten ever painting it.)


Also, my Thanis had no weird lip bump to contend with.  Nice lips, and that hair is looking great!



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39 minutes ago, kristof65 said:

This is a great topic guys.

It's weird seeing better painters than I write about hating to paint things like black hair, though.  Me, I just blunder in.

Thank you!

I think that just blundering in is a great method! You learn a lot from just doing things, even if it doesn’t turn out the way you’d envisioned. 

I think it’s really easy to get bogged down by the technical methods of doing something, when really it’s the practical application that’s going to teach you the most in the long run. 

That’s why I gave up on things like mixing paint by ratios - I learned much more by just diving in and mixing paints and seeing what works and what doesn’t in action. 


I also think it does far more good for me to share my thoughts on what I like and don’t like and what scares me and what I’m not comfortable with. No one becomes good at something without having to face down fear, uncertainty and lots and lots of mistakes. 


21 minutes ago, chaosscorpion said:

It looks gorgeous. The darklining around the eyes seems so much more pronounced with the black hair. 

Thank you!

Agreed, and if she wasn’t a necromancer, I’d try to tone down that darklining around her eyes. I left it very dark and thick to give her more of a gothic look. It would be far too dark in most cases. 

It’s neat to see in action how different colours affect the colours around them!

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So the OSL wasn't sitting well with me because the skeletons weren't bright enough to be a light source. This is because I didn't plan for OSL from the start. To really sell OSL, you need a lot of contrast, so things need to be darker to really make the light show. Since I didn't do that from the start, it was never going to work fully. So you have 2 choices when OSL goes awry. You can either repaint all of the areas to get rid of the OSL attempt, or you can keep fussing with it to try to make it work more. I chose to fuss with it.


So I started out by taking MSP Moth Green and adding some MSP Green Liner to make a duller version of Moth Green.


I went into all the rocks and whatnot that I'd painted to show the glow to try to knock that back some.





I decided that wasn't dark enough so I added some more Green Liner.



And knocked back the glow a little more.




Then I needed to make the skeletons brighter, so I took MSP Maggot White, thinned, and went over the highlighting.




Then I took Moth Green, thinned to about a glaze, and went over the white.




Then I went back in with the Maggot White. At this point I also decided to try to help the glowing effect by darkening up the grown and cloths, so I went in with Brown Liner.




Then I went over that with MSP Candlelight Yellow.




Then I went in for a final highlight with the Maggot White.




I'm still not very happy with it, I liked the skeletons much more the way they were. I really think I should have gone the other route and painted over the OSL attempt. But this is where we are, so I think I need to play around with the areas where the glowing light is being thrown to make it more translucent. Unfortunately, sometimes this is the way it goes when you go for an ambitious paint scheme, especially if you don't plan well enough for it. 1 step forward, 2 steps back.

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Ok, so in order to try to recapture the translucency of the glowing areas so that they look more like light is being thrown on them, I took MSP Ritterlich Blue and thinned it down to a glaze and lightened up some of the areas of the cloth on the skeleton. Then I took MSP Dirt Brown, also thinned to a glaze and went over the dirt areas.





Then I thinned MSP Shadowed Stone to a glaze and went over the stones and thinned MSP Rosy Skin to a glaze and went back over the skin.





And for better or worse, that's where I'm going to leave the OSL. I could work on this for the rest of my life, but sometimes you have to reach a point where you call something good enough and move on, armed with the knowledge that it's something that you need to keep working on for future figures.

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