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Warg Rider Conversion WIP

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Last night in an insomnia fueled start on the painting, I got to laying some basecoats on this conversion. Then a few color layers on the ground and sticks as well as the wolf's fur. Still a lot of work ahead on this one. Wont be picking it up again for a few weeks though. Will update post then. 


Original post in "Conversions" board (where you can see what I sculpted onto the Reaper Bones Warg)





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That is a WONDERFULLY crafted creation. The Wolf is painting up to a standard that will match your conversion work. OUTSTANDING WORK!

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On 11/7/2017 at 1:30 PM, Glitterwolf said:

Great Wolf!

I get the feeling you might be a little bit swayed when it comes to wolves. :lol:

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10 hours ago, JGroeling said:

I get the feeling you might be a little bit swayed when it comes to wolves. :lol:


*** Ridicilous! Where did you get that idea?***

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Fiddled with this one again a bit tonight. 

Getting some more layers down on the armor and such. Was originally thinking of keeping everything very brownish and dark, but realized while that makes sense for a ranger character, it looks kind of dull on a mini, so playing with some slightly more vibrant colors (more yellow in goblin armor), purple in his hair, red on the scabbards, etc. Still a bit to do on this. 



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Little bit more layers and highlights this morning. Setting it aside for now. Think I might use a wash or two then seal it and try to get nice shots for the show off board. 


Any suggestions or thoughts? 20171217_143320.thumb.jpg.3d6a85b1343a79281eea76f527f302dc.jpg20171217_143333-1.thumb.jpg.d38fa13e647f490ac0a743e877f983ec.jpg20171217_143406.thumb.jpg.209ebd24f83bbf006b75d92ddd74eaa0.jpg20171217_143349-1.thumb.jpg.0f8610881a0de17638259048398d8de8.jpg20171217_143418.thumb.jpg.c89362a0ab50ae2d93db45bfb5b29fc2.jpg20171217_143423.thumb.jpg.64a307cf02e58063bff3f3e5da3acb70.jpg20171217_143443.thumb.jpg.bcbfcd09d9796d656285c8ae945a9ff9.jpg20171217_143525.thumb.jpg.9c21c08413258017cbf226aebcbd3d82.jpg

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      As my players are going to be floating around the Darklake in the Underdark for the next few sessions, after drawing it the first night, I thought about trying to build it instead.  We use the grid and my players floundered when we tried to do away with it so trying different ways to incorporate it into the build. 
      Playing with wood texture.  My one cut was horrible and it ripped more than it cut. 

      Used chipboard templates to guide the curved cuts. 

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      These are really quite quick to paint, just alot of them to do. I did them in between bouts of playing Payday 2 over the last couple of days.
      77444 Goblin Warriors +  77445 Goblin Skirmishers
      Reaper Miniatures, Bones 3 KS 2015 (and Bones 4 KS 2017)
      Sculpted by Bobby Jackson
      Bonesium PVC.
      20mm bespoke 3D printed round lipped base
      available from reapermini.com
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      So this is the first time I tried painting freehand on the shield  This is the end result of the conversion: 

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      Gave this model a different arm and hand pose, sculpted a wooden stick and used a resin bit from avatars of war necromancer for the spear head. This was a speedpaint that took probably around an hour. Thanks for looking!


      The original model:

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