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There is a certain freedom in the sure knowledge that nobody will be able to conclusively say whether I just did or not.   The fact that I cannot Like this more than once is a profound lim

The weirdest thing I've found myself saying as a parent:   "Myles, stop trying to suck out your brother's soul."

My Uncle Edward, US Navy, compressor engineer on the USS Decatur DD 936. Recovery of the Mercury Capsule, September 1961.

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Sadly, the ones who are the true victims of this anti vaccine movement are the ones that cannot be vaccinated due to age or other health concerns.  How many kids have to needlessly die or get maimed?

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The grape used for Savagnin Blanc (Traminer Weiss) has been in continuous use for approximately 900 years and is virtually identical to its past self.


Grape vines are often propagated by taking a cutting from the main plant and planting it.  Which means that (at least) 900 years ago, someone took a cutting from a vine and that's been happening continuously since, and that every modern vine is basically a clone of the original plant.

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Ah, a 'one man army'...   


USA's bravest soldfier during WWI was Berger Loman from Bergen, Norway.

According to Wikipedia, the Medal of Honors citation was 


When his company had reached a point within 100 yards of its objective, to which it was advancing under terrific machine gun fire, Pvt. Loman voluntarily and unaided made his way forward after all others had taken shelter from the direct fire of an enemy machine gun. He crawled to a flank position of the gun and, after killing or capturing the entire crew, turned the machine gun on the retreating enemy.


Berger Holton Loman

(Picture nicked from Findagrave.com    )


That was just one of the episodes. 

I believe it was General Pershing who called him 'the one man army from Bergen'

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A mild spoiler for Guardians Of The Galaxy Part II is located below the picture.


At one point, as Peter and Yondu drift down to safety, Peter looks up at Yondu, and remarks:

PETER: You look like Mary Poppins.

YONDU: (beat) Is he cool?

A joke that showcases Peter's knowledge of Earth pop culture and Yondu's total ignorance of it! And it was pretty funny in context.

This led to a slight issue with foreign dubs of the movie; while Mary Poppins and her ability to fly around by holding an umbrella is downright iconic in the US and the English speaking world, it is less well known in Asian countries. However, there is another character... fairly well known to geeks, nerds, and anime fiends... who has a similar trick, and so they just stuck that character's name in there in the Japanese and Chinese dubs.


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I grew up on Tarzan movies, the Johnny Weissmuller ones in particular. Nearly all of these movies take place in a jungle (Tarzan's New York Adventure notwithstanding), and nearly all of these movies were shot in the studio and/or on the studio lot. Consequently, Weissmuller spent a lot of time swinging around on fake trees, and the sound artists spent a lot of time looping fake animal and jungle noise into the soundtrack.

th.jpg.fa7d1005510248d0027b8ea039191ae2.jpg Weissmuller's jungle wasn't the first fake jungle thrown together on a studio lot. Wanna see something funny? Watch the original King Kong, and then IMMEDIATELY watch the 1932 version of The Most Dangerous Game. Both films were being shot almost simultaneously on the exact same sets and with several cast members and crew in common! I have watched them back to back, and let me tell you, it's amusingly mindcroggling (particularly since the camera setups are nearly identical, most of the sets are the same, costumes can be spotted in both movies, Fay Wray plays the female lead in both movies, and Noble Johnson plays a black guy in one and a white guy in the other....)

Now wherethehellwas I? Oh, yeah, jungle movies.


Which brings us to the kookaburra.

Kookaburra's a bird. It looks like this:
1159129064_th(1).jpg.c98e5316f3dc3870c0806f3443688907.jpg ...and I don't need to tell you what he sounds like; if you've ever seen a movie set in a jungle, you already know. He sounds like a hoo-hoo-hoo-HAAH-HAAH-HAAH-HAAH!

When I was a kid, and I heard this noise in a jungle movie, I assumed it was some sort of chimpanzee noise. It's not. It's a kookaburra call. It is one of the sounds we have come to interpret as ambient jungle noise. This despite the fact that jungle movies are invariably set in Africa (and sometimes Sound America)... and the kookaburra is found only in Australia.

This particular weirdy Hollywoodism persists to this day. All too often, a director wants to give a "darkest Africa" feel to his jungle? Loop in a laughing bird from Australia....

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