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So I spotted what looked like a sweet little wolfman, unpainted but inked a little over the metal and glued to a square of wood in a comics shop some while ago and bought it and took it home and pried it off the old base and discovered it said "Grenadier 1987." Score!


Turns out it is a werejackal, coded MM93, and was first released as part of the set "Monster Manuscript Vol. XI" which also included the one Nosferatu-type vampire I didn't have in zer old days from the set of three I painted recently.


Anyhow, I cleaned it up and painted it like a black-backed jackal 'cos they look cool.


There is no WIP thread.









Also I had a picture book of Zimbabwe and decided to play a little bit with backgrounds.








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That is a new one for me. Grenadier was quite a prolific outfit at one time.

You certainly did a SPLENDID bit of brushwork bringing the old Wereguy to life...the photos with the background look WONDERFULVERY WELL DONE once more!

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