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Trying my hand at speed painting. This was not done in one sitting, but total time was about 2.5 hours, which is less than half the time it normally takes me to paint a thing. Not perfect, but pretty darn good (for me, anyway) for the time spent. Here is the Wench:



Didn’t plan anything out beforehand; color selection was spur of the moment. Her dress is Royal Purple with Nightmare Black shadow, and some BCA Pink mixed in for highlights. Top and apron are Lantern Yellow up through Candlelight Yellow. Tanned Skin triad was used for her flesh, and various leather colors for her hair and accessorizing accessories.


Highlights didn’t really work out around her backside, but there was no time to fret over it. And you can’t really tell from the awful photo, but I finally managed to paint a decent eye.


And forgot eyebrows. Whoops.


C&C welcome.

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Nobody ever seems to comment on it, but I very rarely paint eyebrows.  I pretty much only do it if they're sculpted prominently, because I find it lamentably easy to turn everybody into Groucho Marx.  I can get away with no eyebrows on my faster paint jobs, but sooner or later I'm going to have to figure out how to paint them so they're not giant caterpillars. 



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