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Atlantis Mythology kickstarter 11/20


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Welcome to our 28mm Resin Mythology Kickstarter!

The Atlantis Team would like to thank you for your support and consideration in joining us on our next project!

How to Pledge!

  • Choose your minis!
    You can start with the box option for the best savings or build your own custom order! Every mini in this Kickstarter can be bought separately!
  • Add to your pledge amount for any stretch goals you want (Once they're unlocked) Simply increase your pledge amount!
  • After the project you will receive a website link and a Voucher Code: 
    Follow the link, add your items to the cart and input your code on checkout! 
  • In the final checkout you can pick any items to the value of your pledge, and change your mind on what you want.
  • You can add to your pledge after the kickstarter. Simply pay the difference on checkout!
  • Voucher Codes and website link will be emailed to you approximately 1-2 weeks after the kickstarter!
  • Shipping is charged during checkout via our website (prices at bottom of page)

Shipping Date: November 2018

We have decided to give ourselves plenty of time for this campaign. our goal is to deliver early based on the recent performance of our larger Dwarf Kickstarter. We'd rather be early than late, hence the duration of this campaign :)!



Stretch Goals will be unlocked as we hit funding goals. Goals will be defined shortly. Part of the fun is working towards something. So we will coordinate the funding goals for a fun campaign!

Stretch-Goal Add-On: Pledge must be increased for all backers who want to add the item to their pledge.

Stretch Goal Freebie/KS Exclusive: A free addition to box set backers. For non box set backers you can still order it at the defined price.

Stretch Goal Reveal: We will reveal artwork for a stretch goal that is not yet on show or unhide the silhouetted image. The unlock will be a separate stretch goal! Just for fun!

































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Top Posters In This Topic

Top Posters In This Topic

6 hours ago, Knight of the Dinner Table said:

I got the Reaper Bones sphinx which looks like a friendly monster ... the one here ... I'm starting to think about an adventure concerning a "Jekyll and Hyde" Sphinx ... should I go and see a psychiatrist?


...yes... ::o:...:lol:

I like the werewolves... hope they are not super expensively out of my non-existent holiday season gaming budget.

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2 hours ago, Smokestack said:


...yes... ::o:...:lol:

I like the werewolves... hope they are not super expensively out of my non-existent holiday season gaming budget.

Don't look at their website. I'm also with you and hoping that the KS will be a lot less expensive. I will say that the renders look great and if the actual models look like them they are worth it, just out of my price range per model. 

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5 hours ago, Smokestack said:


...yes... ::o:...:lol:

I like the werewolves... hope they are not super expensively out of my non-existent holiday season gaming budget.


Atlantis runs their Kickstarter's in a fashion similar to Reaper, where you can make your pledge during the campaign, and the purchase the difference when the pledge manager goes live.

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