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If you're wanting colors that resemble the traditional color schemes, I like the Marine Teal Triad, although it's (obviously) slightly more teal and slightly less pale blue than the "official" color scheme.


If you're wanting to go more for the Blues, 09417-09419 is a nice range of blues, ending in a bright blue.




I also think Trollbloods might look really good in oranges, myself.

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I am painting Borka right now (WiP thread in my sig, if you are interested) and I am using a mix of RMS colors:

Brilliant Blue, Corporeal Shadow, Dragon Blue, Ghostly Moss, and (a light bluish purple that I don't recall the name offhand)EDIT: Gem Purple. it isn't so bluish. It is a purplish purple, but it gets mixed into the blues to be bluish purple.


The marine teal triad will do some good work, but I think either Dragon or Brilliant Blue would be a necessary mix for the "studio" blue.


I believe Corporeal Shadow is a limited edition color, but a mix of Nightmare Black and Walnut Brown should be fairly close.

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