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I saw it at the World Model Expo in Chicago this July and had to buy it even though I was basically base painting my first mini ever.  Just couldn't resist.  And I said I wouldn't start her right away because she's pretty damned intimidating.  But after 2 months of sitting in the box, I couldn't keep her in there anymore.




I decided that the primed parts would be painted separately from the body before being fully joined together.  Those seams blend in naturally and it would be easier to paint separated.  As for the more obvious seams, I attempted some putty magic.




Color scheme wise, we're going with D&D's Tiamat.

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Body parts basecoated.  Decided on chestnut brown as the for the main body.




And now in the process of laying down some pattern tests.  It's not like I exactly plan where things will end up when I start things like this.


5a0f06b6cdfd3_20171117_093324(360x640).jpg.3556b46c6f9c950af97e381c71004849.jpg          5a0f06b753fb8_20171117_093333(468x640).jpg.aaff2e2a3a9d2eaa9fcf5881a47a195f.jpg



Also, my painting partner.  Sort of.  She's basically been telling me I've been spending too much time on the dragon and not enough time with her.



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On 11/17/2017 at 10:12 AM, Bonnie Bailey said:

Looks great! I am still creating too many excuses for painting large scale monsters like this. I tell myself I need an air brush, or I need a proper place to paint, or I don't have enough time. Until I am ready I will Surreptitiously live my large monster dreams through you guys.

I'm actually finding this guy much easier to paint than little people.  It's the time consumption that's proving the challenge.


I have one day a week usually when I can dedicate more than an hour while doing house chores.  Then a random hour here and there when I get home from work late at night.  Sometimes it's just tossing some paint on a couple scales before bed.


I'll agree workspace is important.  I'd been collecting equipment to start painting the past two years, but never felt I had the time and energy to do it.  Moved my desk to where it is now and it changed everything.  Way better chi, I guess.

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What to do between cooking turkey and things?  Paint!  Pictures could be better, but I was lazy and didn't want to pull out the stuff to make it look cleaner.










Still needs some refining.  Think I'm going to define more texture on the larger scales.  And looking at the picture now, I see I dabbed a little orange on the horn.  Oops!  But it's turning out better than I expected.  I started with this one first because as I was painting the heads, it was the one I had the most difficulty being happy with.


And these are some of the images the colors are inspired by -




chinese-dragon-symbol-power-white-colored-16793798 (640x522).jpg

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It's been awhile.  Life taking up the energy, of course.  But I got back on the paint wagon just before Christmas and did work on the red and black.  Still refining the black's highlights and figuring out exactly how it will all blend into the main body.  I'm extremely happy with the red though.  I was so into it, I was able to complete it in a day.



And the inspirations -









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