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I saw it at the World Model Expo in Chicago this July and had to buy it even though I was basically base painting my first mini ever.  Just couldn't resist.  And I said I wouldn't start her right away because she's pretty damned intimidating.  But after 2 months of sitting in the box, I couldn't keep her in there anymore.




I decided that the primed parts would be painted separately from the body before being fully joined together.  Those seams blend in naturally and it would be easier to paint separated.  As for the more obvious seams, I attempted some putty magic.




Color scheme wise, we're going with D&D's Tiamat.

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Here's where she's at now -



Wings still not attached.


Not sure yet about actual body color.  Or how I'm going to transition all the rainbow of heads into that body color.  Challenge accepted!

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You have some play with Tiamat's colours, there have been a number of different official schemes ranging from red to black to even green!  The order of head colour also varies by incarnation.


Excellent work so far!



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Body parts basecoated.  Decided on chestnut brown as the for the main body.




And now in the process of laying down some pattern tests.  It's not like I exactly plan where things will end up when I start things like this.


5a0f06b6cdfd3_20171117_093324(360x640).jpg.3556b46c6f9c950af97e381c71004849.jpg          5a0f06b753fb8_20171117_093333(468x640).jpg.aaff2e2a3a9d2eaa9fcf5881a47a195f.jpg



Also, my painting partner.  Sort of.  She's basically been telling me I've been spending too much time on the dragon and not enough time with her.



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Looks great! I am still creating too many excuses for painting large scale monsters like this. I tell myself I need an air brush, or I need a proper place to paint, or I don't have enough time. Until I am ready I will Surreptitiously live my large monster dreams through you guys.

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On 11/17/2017 at 10:12 AM, Bonnie Bailey said:

Looks great! I am still creating too many excuses for painting large scale monsters like this. I tell myself I need an air brush, or I need a proper place to paint, or I don't have enough time. Until I am ready I will Surreptitiously live my large monster dreams through you guys.

I'm actually finding this guy much easier to paint than little people.  It's the time consumption that's proving the challenge.


I have one day a week usually when I can dedicate more than an hour while doing house chores.  Then a random hour here and there when I get home from work late at night.  Sometimes it's just tossing some paint on a couple scales before bed.


I'll agree workspace is important.  I'd been collecting equipment to start painting the past two years, but never felt I had the time and energy to do it.  Moved my desk to where it is now and it changed everything.  Way better chi, I guess.

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What to do between cooking turkey and things?  Paint!  Pictures could be better, but I was lazy and didn't want to pull out the stuff to make it look cleaner.










Still needs some refining.  Think I'm going to define more texture on the larger scales.  And looking at the picture now, I see I dabbed a little orange on the horn.  Oops!  But it's turning out better than I expected.  I started with this one first because as I was painting the heads, it was the one I had the most difficulty being happy with.


And these are some of the images the colors are inspired by -




chinese-dragon-symbol-power-white-colored-16793798 (640x522).jpg

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It's been awhile.  Life taking up the energy, of course.  But I got back on the paint wagon just before Christmas and did work on the red and black.  Still refining the black's highlights and figuring out exactly how it will all blend into the main body.  I'm extremely happy with the red though.  I was so into it, I was able to complete it in a day.



And the inspirations -









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    • By Kangaroorex
      2020 has-been rough on everyone but some people have had it rougher than others.  A friend of mine is disabled and has had a really hard time just trying to keep basic necessities done.  
      I thought I would send her a little friend who's got simpler an cuter problems. Purple is her favorite color.  He goes out in the mail on Monday
      Hope you like him too...


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      A long time ago, in March 2019 to be exact, @NomadZeke set a painting challenge for that years April Fools Day. Paint something ridiculous.......20 months later I finally finished my entry for it He's based on a Pathfinder Huge pawn holder for ease of use in games.
      I absolutely adore this mini, in my opinion it's the best Huge sized dragons on the market and one of Julie Guthrie's most stunning sculpts 
      I humbly present to you, Kyphrixis the multi-hued Rainbow Dragon!

      Hope y'all like him, as always all comments and criticisms are happily received
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      continuing my quest to paint down some of my metal mountain of dragons is my second Green Dragon II from Grenadier.  I wound up with multiple copies of this dragon (I wont say how many but i still have another in its original box...) so when i noticed that i had primed this one a while ago, i decided to try the painting method from Mocha's painting a Rocky class during Reapercon (thanks @Mocha I am getting a lot of use out of that technique and it has definitely helped me with contrast in everything I paint) of starting with the darkest colors and working up to the brightest.  This is the result of my trial with the dragon of the month series .  I decided that since they liked swamps and other watery environments, i would give her a bed of dry river rocks in an underground cave.  (hey everyone likes a comfy bed but nobody really likes a wet bed!) so i started with the base the miniature came with and expanded from there bringing the rocks out from there.  The first pass had them all a monotone color which left the base looking almost black and white against the green dragon.  Interesting but not what i wanted.  Some colored inks later and we have a nice bed of various colored rocks!

      She comes out really vibrant with lots of shadow and contrast really nice!  About my only fault is i haven't given much thought to handling a different colored belly scale and how a significantly lighter scale would work given the steady darkening as the light lowers past the widest parts of the model. Oh well, maybe next time.
      For comparison, this is the same dragon I did about a decade ago:

      I like both but i dont have to guess about which one will catch the most attention, even though it took far less time and skill.  I am happy to give both of them a home, though i should probably give the older one a new base and maybe fix a few of his chips and dings (honorably gotten eating unwary PCs and their horses!)
      Hope you enjoy them!
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      As the year wears on i continue to complete my personal challenge of 12 dragons in 12 months.  (I have to go count but i think i am there...  not sure though so I keep it up!)  this is another oldie but goodie from the third Dragon of the month series by Grenadier.  this was the January offering, the black dragon.  I decided that this dragon liked his underground layer so the base is done as a broken river skree.  the large open space made me add a small geode, just to see if i could do it.

      The dragon is painted with dark blacks and Purple shadow (which actually looks darker than the black so there!)  Then i used some new wax paints i acquired to bring up the colors on the highlights to give him a shiny scale and brightness.  I think this is the first time i have created a dragon that actually looks black but still has lots of texture and contrast. 
      Again congrats to grenadier for acquiring some really lovely sculpts and turning them out back when high definition was not a popular feature.  there is a lot to see on this dragon, right down to the small row of teeth that line the edges of his closed mouth.  I had a lot of fun painting him.  I hope you enjoy him too!
    • By Kangaroorex
      Continuing deeper into the dry steppe I cane across a brass dragon in its native habitat.  I think she was keeping watch over a nearby nomadic tribe but she took off before I was able to ask.
      Another old piece of miniature history, this is the brass dragon from the 3rd and final dragon of the month series by Grenadier.  The amount of energy put into this mini is pretty amazing and, like all its brethren, this dragon has stood the test of time.  I painted this one using a basecoat of scale 75 metallic but then did all the highlight work using a wax metallic set I recently acquired on sale.  
      Hope you like her; this series does have some seriously dramatic positions for the dragons, especially when you consider that these are all softer, lead based minis.

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