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Anyone else digging the new Oathmark plastics as much as I am

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I think these crewmen will make quite good corsairs


And the tribesmen will do as Woses.  Their weapons are quite huge to my eye.



Tried to convert some of the barbarian bodies into orcs.  They aren't terrible but to my mind they are just wearing too much to be from Isenguard and I don't think I have the right heads to make it work. ( tried Northstar's goblin heads and Mantic's orc heads)

I was quite surprised how well the pike arms that I got from Warlord's plastic pike and shot set fit onto the barbarian bodies.



[edit]  Forgot to mention the Sunanese with the blowpipe that might do for Far Harad...

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Really want some more wolfriders so I've been waiting to see what these will look like. Already got a wishlist going for my next Northstar order but I've got enough on the go already I can wait for these. Hopefully won't be too much longer.

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On 12/26/2017 at 3:54 PM, Lars Porsenna said:


If you wait long enough, the manufacturer all but confirmed that warg-riding gobbos are in the works.




Well, it's been quite the wait so far.   


I mean the wolf riders from Bones5 probably won't come out first.  Probably.

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Another preview.  The variety is amazing, this is one of the best hero kits for any game I have ever seen.  Love the hand puppet.


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