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Charr (Half-Dragon Duelist, Stonehaven Miniatures)

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So, one of my personal mini projects atm is working on some of the NPCs my players in my homebrew campaign are encountering.  And one of my favorite groups in that world are the Hunts - a loose-bound organization of groups (each called a Hunt) of fighters/mercenaries/warriors, each with their own specialty, who dedicated themselves to maintaining the roads and paths of Fidel during the millenia-long anarchy of the Mortal Wars.

Now, what makes the Hunts distinctive from any other mercenary bands? Well, they ride BADASS FLYING MOUNTS.


Gryphons, for the most part, although one or two specialize in pegasi, and a few ride more esoteric things... 

Four NPCs intimately intertwined with the group are members of the Red Hunt - a sort of catch-all for powerful, destructive mages. Faukner, her apprentices Formel and Tiercel, and her wife, Charr. 


So, I've had the Stonehaven Half-Dragon Duelist for ages. It's one of my favorite dragonborn minis, and I decided it'd be perfect for the swashbuckling Charr... It's a great mini, neat and clean with tons of personality.


To give you an idea of who Charr is...



Charr (pronounced Sharr, in-game) is something of a well-known figure in my campaign world. A swordswoman of great reknown, she is as famous for her own acts of courage and daring as she is as wife to the sorceress Faukner. Indeed, Charr dances in the shadows of many who are considered legend, blades swirling through the mists of time; stories of her adventures go back hundreds of years, and are told all across the continents of Fidel.

What few know of her (though she would scarce consider it anything so gauche as a *secret*) is that Charr is no mere dragonborn. She is the dragoness Cha'ar'reth (sha-ah-wreth, three sylables), an ever-adventurous spirit taken two-legged form to journey among the lesser mortal races. Their short lives flare brilliantly, and then they die - and in the span of those few moments, so ephemeral to the eyes of a dragon, they must live their lives entire.


Charr had walked amongst the races of man for millenia by the time she met Faukner. The woman was already full in her power by the time she encountered the disguised dragoness - and she saw the mighty soul of a dragon concealed beneath a mortal's guise and took it for a threat. Charr was already in chains by the time the two of them sorted out what was going on - and by the time Faukner had freed her, Charr had already decided to follow this bright new spark.


So it was that Charr found her place among the Red Hunt, those few, famed sorcerers and mages so mighty that they fly to battle alone - such being the destruction they wreak as to destroy even those allies who might fly with them. Though not particularly a mage herself, she has more than proved herself a capable mount for her friend and, later, lover, and the magics of even a disinterested dragoness are nothing to be trifled with...


Anyways, I've decided to do a WIP of this set of minis, starting with Charr's two forms. This is the thread for her humanoid form, obviously - I'm painting up the Temple Dragon for her dragonness form, and I'll try to do a WIP for that, too.






I started off nice and simple - hit the face with some red, and decided on a blue-and-white scheme for the cloths. I'm trying to bring out some of the swashbuckler in this mini, so I like the naval colors. That said, I could use ideas for the cravat.

Ordinarily, I'd paint my dragonborn's hair simularly to her scales and try to ignore it, but gonna go with dark for these dreads. They're sweet as hell. Wish DSM would give us a KS for these.



And there's the face, pretty much finished, TBH! I washed it with Games Workshop's purple wash, pretty heavily so it'd sit well in the mouth and scale cracks, and then highlighted just with pure red. This is a proof-of-concept for the temple dragon, as well as a mini on it's own, and I'm pretty happy with it! Used Palimimo Gold for the eyes - something else that'll carry over!

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@Generic Fighter


And, upon checking, my mind said DSM but reality said Stonehaven. Fake news!

Thanks - edited to fix. And like I said, nothing I'd like more than a KS for these guys. It's such a good style for them, and I've loved their gnomes!

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Got around an hour in at paint day today! Really pleased with how shes coming - got all the major colors blocked in, plus the head finished. Still wondering about the cravat/tie; not sure what color to do. Grey?


Better pics tho, courtesy of Dilvish!







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