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Cadirith, colossal spider

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Thanks !

I had the idea of the hairs and really hesitated to go for it as i knew that if the result was bad, the mini itself would be hard to clean (nearly impossible).

The recipe is simple, it can be done in 10 minutes.

1) Undercoat in black

2) light dry brush medium grey on all the spider

3) take wood glue and water (for thinnning the glue) Then apply the glue on all the mini exept eyes, spikes an teeth.

4) drop the hairs (i used burnt grass) on the parts where there is glue. Take the spider, hit it gently on your table to get rid of the excess.

5) Paint the eyes in red

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OMG, the hairs!  Very convincing.  Great idea!


I gave up on my metal one after it came unglued under its own weight while I was trying to primer it a month or two after my players had already defeated the monster I wanted to use her for.  Well, not "gave up"...  I'll get back to it one day.



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OUTSTANDING! I have done flock hair on a couple of minis myself, but never on a spider. The Big Arachnid turned out WONDERFULLY; an imaginative idea done to perfection. VERY WELL DONE!

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