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77326: Lemure “A” Foedus


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So this guy was a relatively quick paint job - I worked on him over a couple of nights in between other figures and while things were drying. 

I had originally basecoated him a couple of months back when I decided that I was absolutely going to paint something using Breast Cancer Awareness Pink, as I have something like 8 bottles of it at this point. This was the figure that I pulled out of my Bones drawer. I’d basecoated him and then he made his way to the Shelf of Shame unfortunately. 

I saw him sitting up there and decided I would just have fun with it. 

The lemures do come 2 to the pack and are in 2 different poses, but this one is the only one I have painted thus far. 








I hope y’all find him as fun as I do! ^_^

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Thanks for the kind comments! ^_^


On 11/17/2017 at 11:22 PM, VolksFest said:

The shading and highlighting you gave it cleary reflects its gooey skin. The green warts are also spot on.. maybe you could finish with some.gloss varnish too? I had coated my "slime mini" in wizwar boardgame with gloss varnish and it certainly adds to the effect.. 

Thank you! Good suggestion! I hadn't thought about using a gloss varnish!

16 hours ago, Adrift said:

Definitely tones I wouldn't have considered for a lemure when choosing colors in my head, but you nailed it!

Thank you! So the funny thing is, I don't actually know what a lemure is or what it's supposed to look like. I don't play tabletop games so a lot of the creatures from them go over my head. In fact, since this guy came from a Bones kickstarter and was just in the Bones drawer unlabeled, I was just referring to him as a "Melty fat guy" until Buglips told me what he was called. ::P:

12 hours ago, londwch said:

very artistic guindy, thanks for the tips and advice this week I have been trying to thin my paint a little.

Thank you and you're very welcome! ^_^

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