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Sand Table Instructions

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I remember the fabulous Mr. Pugh posted how to make a sand table.

Well, now that I have a place to put one (or two) I can't find the article on how he made it.

I think it would be great if it showed up in the craft section of Reaper's website.(hint,hint).


I found the thread that it was originally posted but the link for the article is missing.

any help would be greatly appreciated

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does this fit the question?


cher ^_^


After completion, I estimate a total of 8 hours invested not including buildings, wagon and bridges. Photos of the finished table with minis is in Anne's gallery under Fantasy Miniatures.



Basically time invested at the time of the first photo 5 hours.


Cost not including buildings, like Anne posted 30-40.00



Ash tray Urn Fine sand or play ground sand

#3 Sandblasting sand

Wood Glue

4 Spray Bottles




1) Staple frame together upside down

2) Staple plastic drop cloth tarp to the underside to seal it up

3) Seal edges and corners with silcone

4) Pour in base sand (#3 Sandblasting sand)

5) Draw out roads, brush out rivers and determine building placement.

6) Shape hills and features, place trees and rocks etc.

7) Remove all pieces that are not being sealed into terrain.

8) Mix 1 part wood glue to 9 parts water in four spray bottles. (Bottles must have a "mist" tip like a windex bottle.

9) Add paint to 3 bottles. a) Med Brown, b) Med Green c) Med Blue, d) no paint

10) Spray clear mix to soak table

11) Sprinkle fine sand on roads, worn areas and rivers

12) Spray base colors in appropriate areas

13) Lightly sprinkle fine sand over entire table to adjust roughness of surface as needed and to absorb saturated areas

14) add darker colors to existing bottle colors and respray areas to add depth

15) let dry 24 hours

16) touch up with drybrushing and add a few highlights.


Play your games, roll dice etc. The surface becomes as hard as rock when it dries. If you do damage it, rebuild and spray the area and let it dry.


When you get board or tired of looking at it, strip it off throw it away and build another.

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So is it only the "crust" that you peel off, or does the entire depth of the sand become glue soaked and rock hard? This sounds much easier and cheaper, than cutting everything out of styrofoam. Might have to give this a try.

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Thank you so much LS.


I am glad to see that it uses the ash tray sand. the company that I work for makes the ash trays and we stock the sand in 100# bags both white and black.

hehehehehe (giggling with enjoyment)


hmmm, 4x6 should be ig enough, yes I can see it now, one for warlord and one for cav. Party at my house. :bday::bday:

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You're right, LS, it's only about a 1/4 crust. The rest of the sand remains sand and re-usable (as Ed demonstrated at the ReaperCon). Just don't overload on the amount of glue solution you apply. Ed warned that too much will take forever to dry and could mildew. Experiment a little; don't expect to get it perfect the first time but the fun is in trying! Have fun!

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The crust, between 1/8 and 1/4 inch is all that you need to peel off. You can then reuse the rest of the Sand. This makes the Sand tables pretty economical, as excpet for paint and glue, there is little that cannot be recycled or reused.


They travel horribly. The Sand will try to shift if the table is moved, creating sinkholes, or cracking the surface, which by the time you want to move it is at least a few hours of painting and detailing (trees, tombstones, cobblestones, whatever). Witha ll of the wood and sand, they are also quite heavy. We do not reccommend trying to move one beyond a few feet.


I can guess that if you put only 1/2 inch or so of sand at most, and it was fairly level, like our town shown above, that it might travel easier, but our experience has been that trying to move them is a headache. Besides, even a small table is 4' to a side, and that won't go through a doorway. So when you tilt it to fit through one . . .


*BA_WOOOOOSH* (or whatever the sound of Rapidly Spilling Sand and terrain is) :grr:


I recomend building it where you want to use it, assuming you have a few hours there to set it up. And beacuse of the High reusability (see above) they are pretty easy to make again and improve.

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