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Grenadier Elf (or maybe Halfelf)fighter from Today and Yesteryear


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So here is another one in my little series of old and new. I was actually going to post this yesterday as well, but I didn't have a good front shot.


So this is a Grenadier Elf or Half Elf fighter, from their twenty-piece woodlands adventure box.  I painted this figure way back in the eighties to be one of my player characters Renny back in the day when we played D&D at Star Realm in Omaha. Back then there was a buy named Bill if I remember correctly from Offutt who was our DM, another guy, I think Roy, and then another random assortment of teenagers.



and a shot from behind, where you'll see there's lots of grass stuck to the base. I think I just didn't wait long enough for his sealant on the base to dry before I stuck him into the grass. I always paint the base black again and then seal, because I will have ultimately made a mess all over the base while painting it.  Not too worried though, these are being painted just for fun. 




and here's the front shot I was missing yesterday, where you can see a bit of difference in the shield and face:



and then just some shots of them in the same photo:




So there you have them, a small journey into my adolescent past, up to my current almost 50 year old self, who as per my beautiful wife, is still probably somehow stuck back in the past with my fascination for "muñequitos".  Like I mentioned in my previous posts I've got a few more of these yet to be started, that I'll probably do when I'm "between projects". 

Anyhoos, enjoy!


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35 minutes ago, NecroMancer said:

This is really great!  Your work has come a long ways but that's not to say the original was bad at all. Although the original on this one looks a little shocked or frightened because of his eyes!  Great work!

Thanks very much!  Yes, my eye painting technique wasn't too advanced back then.  It used to just be paint the whites, then some color of dot in the middle if you could hit it and I always did the eyes as the very last thing on the miniature. Nowadays I do the walnut brown dot, then white over it, then walnut brown dot, then if I can a color dot over the walnut brown.


The crazy and odd thing is that back then I thought I was doing a pretty awesome job, which as I look back I've certainly improved, but at this moment when I think I'm doing a "pretty awesome job", how colored is that with my own skewed self-conception of the work I do? One always improves, can always do better, and always seems to find a way to enjoy ones own work I guess and is blinded by ones own parameters. If in 30 more years if I'm still painting or even alive, how would that miniature thirty years hence compare to what I've just finished?

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4 hours ago, Lucian523 said:

Very cool thread, thank you for sharing, your originals look very good for starting out.

Thanks very much Lucian! Those were towards the beginning of my painting interests, probably was 12-16 years old when I started painting, dropped it for maybe 15 or so years and then got back into painting by pure coincidence.

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