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Core Space The Sci-fi Miniature Skirmish Game. With fully modular 3D terrain!

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Core Space is a deluxe fully modular three dimensional board game for 1 to 6 players. The game can be played as single missions or campaigns with each player in charge of a team of traders, their sole objective, to survive in a dangerous galaxy!  

Each of your characters can be levelled up with new skills and equipment to help them in their mission, but it will not be easy. The rival teams, gangs and the Galactic Corporation will hinder your every step... but the real threat is the ever expanding plague of synthetic life forms that are slowly purging the galaxy of all life...  

Play using our unique 'real search' system and advance your characters between games. It's fast to set up, fast to play, and fully compatible with all the Battle Systems terrain products. To win you will need to follow the trader credo: salvage, trade, adapt and survive...

+ + +

The rulebook will feature a number of short stories set in the Core Space universe, you can download Rescue on Daedalus here.

You can download the V1.0 Beta rules here.

To find out more please check out our Facebook page and blog.


UPDATE: Xanadib's trusty pledge calculator, V1.




What's in the box... What's in the box...


The crew of the Ion Hope - Roykirk, Arianna and Gak The crew of the Ion Hope - Roykirk, Arianna and Gak


The crew of the Black Maria - Renton, Jace and Lars The crew of the Black Maria - Renton, Jace and Lars


Chaaaaarrrrgggeee!!!!!! Chaaaaarrrrgggeee!!!!!!
















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Can't speak to the quality of the gameplay, but I have been very happy with the terrain quality for the past few KS. Now that they have moved past the ramps, the terrain stores very compactly and quality control has been increasing each time. Still have to make adjustments to slots on the accessories, but the majority of the product can be punched out and used as is.


I like the firefly theme, so giving the full pledge a try. But I also like the terrain only pledge. Just wish they would return to the fantasy genre soon, as that is what I use the most in practice.

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Another SG unlocked Captain Weaver is now added to the Core pledge




Just under 1/2 way to another crew member unlocked.


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The minis are building up to create a lot of nice Trader groups. You can use them as launching points to go off in all sorts of Firefly/ Killjoy/ Blakes 7 directions.


The BS terrain is always great, and there's not a miniatures game I play without it now.

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New Titan pledge available




In short the Titan Pledge consists of:

  • 1 x Boxed game
  • 1 x Cyberpunk Terrain
  • 1 x Add-on K - OUTBREAK!
  • 1 x Add-on L - Shootout at Zed's!
  • 1 x The Titan Accord Mission 
  • All FREE stretch goals

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Gosh this kickstarter! I'm no up in the air with this one. I REALLY REALLY want to back it though. I like the fact that you can play it by your self too! The miniatures are AMAZING and the terrain is top notch! 

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Another 3 SG down


Another crew member 




And scatter terrain






Add-ons available for duplicate crew and more civvies

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