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Okay so I dug around in the drawer and pulled out six unpainted bones that I got in my batch that I bought.



I gave them all a thorough scrub with a brush and warm soapy water and a toothbrush.  The ogre needed straightening up so I poured hot water over to readjust and then under cold to set.


I attached all six using superglue to fender washer bases.  I got this tip on you tube and have been sticking to it since I started this process.  They are running out so I will look for an alternative afterwards.  But these are good and solid and make a good base.


So now I have to decide which figure to work on....


I have not primed any and up until now I have primed using "151" matt black spray paint.  I did not know exactly what to use so I tried this when I began.   


I did pick up slightly after the photo and start to apply some blue to the Anhurian soldier using the same blue I mixed for a figure I was painting late last night.  But without primer it did not seem to want to settle very well.


The two figures I have seen painted are by Doctor Faust ; the hell hound and the ogre.   


Any comments/suggestions or generally helpful advice is gratefully welcomed.


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Its difficult to get the reaper products here in the UK.  I had a browse and you need to pay silly customs and postage costs.  I would use reaper paints but I did not realise that they existed as I did not buy my bones from the site but second hand on E-bay as a job lot.  So after making a terrible mistake of thinking any old acrylics would do got some cheap stuff online and found it terrible for miniatures.

So I opted for Vallejo as they seem to be the go to paints but the starter set I wanted was virtually impossible to get so I now am using army painter paints, which are an improvement on application if not my ability to use them.

That said I am not sure if this post should now move to painting tips and advice section ! 

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Oh well I'll crack on.  20171120_145224.thumb.jpg.fd0b32545b186c33cbd5b22c71849a6f.jpg                                                                    I have decided to go with the Anhurian with a crossbow, as I did the spear carrier last.

I had tried to apply the paint without a primer but it was from a wet palette and a little diluted.  That may be the reason that the paint did not want to sit still on the model. 20171120_145419.thumb.jpg.64f5b649b9024a58463d308a98796b62.jpgso he's going under the can ! 


20171120_150442.thumb.jpg.f61a015614f3aa5b746079f78ee4b029.jpg Now I'm ready for some drying time.

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Liners are paints specially formulated to be used to draw lines on minis with, typically to separate other colours. 

Then a user here (Buglips the Goblin)  found by happy accident that the stuff sticks incredibly well to the plastic that Bones are made of. 

Brown and Grey are the most-used colours for priming purposes.

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20171120_205827.thumb.jpg.54fc70bf1b347ac8e08a6f9ca75e4d6e.jpgBeen working at this one for about an hour or two now.  Lots of shades of brown needed really for the leather but not to sure what to do.20171120_194341.thumb.jpg.0c8c58d3d4d08ffef9dd4c120d0a12ac.jpgThis is what he looked like before the paint with a quick white drybrush.



Next Figure I tried was Arran Rabin - Bones miniature.  Thought I'd try out some highlighting on the cloak as I had not tried this yet.20171122_134048.thumb.jpg.55595b0cf6d98af1ce1168d718e40768.jpg20171122_134059.thumb.jpg.3e181dd103345b94e7729ce726c4955f.jpg


Next I tried the hell hound and used youtube for inspiration and worked on layering a bit.20171125_210008.thumb.jpg.caa90d5aa465cad2ddcc6ccbc6d87832.jpg20171125_210030.thumb.jpg.a539bcc161dc91a50975e3f76674fb89.jpg


Today I attempted the zombie and the goblin spear carrier but was whacked by the second so its either done or not.20171125_210137.thumb.jpg.e4f0640313c543089c45605a15c497eb.jpg20171125_210148.thumb.jpg.e778291bd64092f6b1e7ab294b06280d.jpg20171125_210208.thumb.jpg.290c0347e91a981a14499f9bb81c292e.jpg20171125_210226.thumb.jpg.81ab535d80a1373ba2eb3a858051c35d.jpg20171125_210246.thumb.jpg.b6ccb44a81737e12bef08538ca76880d.jpgThis will be the third attempt at this ogre when I get round to it.

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I have started the ogre chieftain and begun by painting the skin in a barbarian flesh tone.  I primed this in a grey spray can primer until the reaper brown liner arrives I tracked down.  Please let me know where I am going wrong with my painting as I am learning by trial and error here and watching Youtube for advice in the main.20171128_021331.thumb.jpg.e14d2bbb4e635eb38010c3a9ef22b136.jpg20171128_021345.thumb.jpg.4d89b4c818e35c0cf806d806e2aa781d.jpg Thanks.

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