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Okay so I dug around in the drawer and pulled out six unpainted bones that I got in my batch that I bought.



I gave them all a thorough scrub with a brush and warm soapy water and a toothbrush.  The ogre needed straightening up so I poured hot water over to readjust and then under cold to set.


I attached all six using superglue to fender washer bases.  I got this tip on you tube and have been sticking to it since I started this process.  They are running out so I will look for an alternative afterwards.  But these are good and solid and make a good base.


So now I have to decide which figure to work on....


I have not primed any and up until now I have primed using "151" matt black spray paint.  I did not know exactly what to use so I tried this when I began.   


I did pick up slightly after the photo and start to apply some blue to the Anhurian soldier using the same blue I mixed for a figure I was painting late last night.  But without primer it did not seem to want to settle very well.


The two figures I have seen painted are by Doctor Faust ; the hell hound and the ogre.   


Any comments/suggestions or generally helpful advice is gratefully welcomed.


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Wash them in lukewarm water.


As for priming. Either a liner like Reaper Brown Liner or no primer.

You must use your first coat of paint undiluted if you don't prime.

After that all is normal.


Better don't use spray primers, most make Bones tacky/sticky for a long time.

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Its difficult to get the reaper products here in the UK.  I had a browse and you need to pay silly customs and postage costs.  I would use reaper paints but I did not realise that they existed as I did not buy my bones from the site but second hand on E-bay as a job lot.  So after making a terrible mistake of thinking any old acrylics would do got some cheap stuff online and found it terrible for miniatures.

So I opted for Vallejo as they seem to be the go to paints but the starter set I wanted was virtually impossible to get so I now am using army painter paints, which are an improvement on application if not my ability to use them.

That said I am not sure if this post should now move to painting tips and advice section ! 

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Oh well I'll crack on.  20171120_145224.thumb.jpg.fd0b32545b186c33cbd5b22c71849a6f.jpg                                                                    I have decided to go with the Anhurian with a crossbow, as I did the spear carrier last.

I had tried to apply the paint without a primer but it was from a wet palette and a little diluted.  That may be the reason that the paint did not want to sit still on the model. 20171120_145419.thumb.jpg.64f5b649b9024a58463d308a98796b62.jpgso he's going under the can ! 


20171120_150442.thumb.jpg.f61a015614f3aa5b746079f78ee4b029.jpg Now I'm ready for some drying time.

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Liners are paints specially formulated to be used to draw lines on minis with, typically to separate other colours. 

Then a user here (Buglips the Goblin)  found by happy accident that the stuff sticks incredibly well to the plastic that Bones are made of. 

Brown and Grey are the most-used colours for priming purposes.

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20171120_205827.thumb.jpg.54fc70bf1b347ac8e08a6f9ca75e4d6e.jpgBeen working at this one for about an hour or two now.  Lots of shades of brown needed really for the leather but not to sure what to do.20171120_194341.thumb.jpg.0c8c58d3d4d08ffef9dd4c120d0a12ac.jpgThis is what he looked like before the paint with a quick white drybrush.



Next Figure I tried was Arran Rabin - Bones miniature.  Thought I'd try out some highlighting on the cloak as I had not tried this yet.20171122_134048.thumb.jpg.55595b0cf6d98af1ce1168d718e40768.jpg20171122_134059.thumb.jpg.3e181dd103345b94e7729ce726c4955f.jpg


Next I tried the hell hound and used youtube for inspiration and worked on layering a bit.20171125_210008.thumb.jpg.caa90d5aa465cad2ddcc6ccbc6d87832.jpg20171125_210030.thumb.jpg.a539bcc161dc91a50975e3f76674fb89.jpg


Today I attempted the zombie and the goblin spear carrier but was whacked by the second so its either done or not.20171125_210137.thumb.jpg.e4f0640313c543089c45605a15c497eb.jpg20171125_210148.thumb.jpg.e778291bd64092f6b1e7ab294b06280d.jpg20171125_210208.thumb.jpg.290c0347e91a981a14499f9bb81c292e.jpg20171125_210226.thumb.jpg.81ab535d80a1373ba2eb3a858051c35d.jpg20171125_210246.thumb.jpg.b6ccb44a81737e12bef08538ca76880d.jpgThis will be the third attempt at this ogre when I get round to it.

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I have started the ogre chieftain and begun by painting the skin in a barbarian flesh tone.  I primed this in a grey spray can primer until the reaper brown liner arrives I tracked down.  Please let me know where I am going wrong with my painting as I am learning by trial and error here and watching Youtube for advice in the main.20171128_021331.thumb.jpg.e14d2bbb4e635eb38010c3a9ef22b136.jpg20171128_021345.thumb.jpg.4d89b4c818e35c0cf806d806e2aa781d.jpg Thanks.

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