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Ral Partha Shadowrun Feathered Serpent 10-861 (all metal)

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So the first thing I had to solve was a potentially serious issue with assembly.  This kit wasn't really designed to be lead, so that part on the right of the picture is a very heavy solid piece and i

So back in October 2017, the night before my first trip to Reapercon, I happened to be on eBay.ca and randomly stumbled across a Ral Partha Shadowrun Feathered Serpent listed by a seller located in Ca

So the next step was to drybrush some pro paint shield brown to help bring it back up a bit, and then over this I did a light drybrush of coat d'arms festering brown:     After loo

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So I finished up the base:




And then moved on to the head and neck first.  So I chose coat d'arms Bogey Green for this because it's an intermediate green and I know itcovers well.  I darkened it with reaper brown liner.




Then I decided to do the mouth.  Normally for "monster mouth" I use old pro paint pink and then give it a wash or two of coat d'arms flesh shade.  This works pretty good on small mouths, but I learned doing my reaper Faceless Horror recently that it's less effective on big mouths... and our feathered friend here has a big mouth.  So I mixed pro paint pink with pro paint rust until I figured it looked right, and painted it on:




The tongue in this next pic looks like that same colour, but is actually a different colour.  I didn't add enough red to it, so I'll fix that on the next coat.  I also figured it was time to sort out the more vibrant colours and how the colour pattern will go on.  The pattern was actually really easy, it just goes green/blue/yellow/red everywhere there's a transition.  So I picked coat d'arms high elf blue and blood red for those midtones, darkened 'em with brown liner, and tried them out.  Then I mixed  coat d'arms barbarian leather and sun yellow to try and make a dark yellow for the basecoat.  This sort of worked, but I think using old pro paint hawkwood would be the better (and simpler) choice.  Also I did this the stupid way, and should have put the yellow on first instead of after the blue and red.  I'll have to go over it with some white to fix that, but it's no big deal and at least now I have a colour plan.




Speaking of doing things the stupid way, back on page one I showed how I cut off the joining nub with an x-acto blade... and in the same post I mentioned cutting the brad nail with a hacksaw.  It never occured to me to use the hacksaw to cut off the nub, which would have been a lot easier.  Well, now you know what to do if you don't have a hacksaw.


Also, if this progress seems slower than usual for me, it is.  I'm deliberately dragging this out because I'm waiting on greenstuff.  I have three different batches inbound from different sources, so whichever one shows up first. 

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So it's been some weeks, but I finally have some greenstuff.  As I mentioned in the previous post, I got some from several different places in the hopes one of them might arrive sooner than the rest... only to have all of them show up within a day of each other.  So it took longer than expected, but the good news is I got some very special putty to use on this very special dragon. 


Like many people here, I have long struggled with greenstuff epoxy putty.  It just... never seemed to work out.  In the beginning I just mixed it together as it came, later I discovered that you should cut out the middle section where the blue and yellow parts join since that cures quickly.  But still it never seemed to work out right. 


So at Reapercon I met Bob Ridolfi and Julie Guthrie (who are fantastic people, btw, absolutely the best) and took the opportunity to ask them some questions, being's how they'd be the ones to know all about putty.  And as it turned out, my problem all along was the putty I was buying wasn't very fresh.  In fact, it was very much not fresh.  They told me to check back at the end of the con and they've give me some samples of good putty so I'd be able to tell the difference.  I didn't take this home in my carry-on on the grounds that squares of weird-looking stuff might cause security delays - perhaps excessively paranoid of me, but better safe than stranded.  So @Guindyloo took it home with her and mailed it to me with some other stuff.  So now that it's here, I can use Bob and Julie's personal stash on this beastie and find out what good greenstuff should be like!


First I had to attach the wings. 




I removed the tabs from these because they were preventing a snug fit, replacing them with some pins I made from small paperclips.  You can see my drill guide markings here in red, two pins per wing:




Time to putty!  Turns out the good stuff is very smooth and soft, not much trouble at all (thanks, Julie and Bob! )  So I filled in the gaps and smoothed it out a bit:




making sure to get it into the underside crevice here:




and here





Time to make it look like something!  The existing detail looked a bit like broccoli base, so I decided to do that.  So anyone wondering how to make a broccoli base, this is how you do it.  The existing detail is not quite broccoli, but it's easier to go full broccoli with my noob skills than attempt a perfect match.  Primer and paint will fill some of it in anyway so when it's finished it should be a decently close blended match. 


Here is my poking tool:




And with it i start poking the GS:




And then poke it some more.  Done yet?  NO!  MORE POKING!




A lot more!  But eventually, if you poke it long enough, it gets to looking right.  Pretty easy!




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Once the putty dried it was time to prime the wings:




That done, I decided to coat the works with some slightly-thinned Reaper brown liner.  This is because I intend to use a dark green (coat d'arms dark elf green) and dark blue (reaper pro paint breonne navy) that I strongly suspect will be rather translucent.  The brown liner will keep me from having to do 50 coats to get an even base.




Then I painted in some of the dark elf green:




And then I roughed in the underwing pattern of blue, yellow, and red.  The yellow is old pro paint hawkwood, which I chose for its good coverage, and the red is old pro paint aged red brick which I chose for the same reason:




Then did the same for the top:




That done, I wanted to see if I could come up with something to help make the pattern look less like some go-ganger spraypainted this serpent as part of their inititation.  My first thought was to stagger the pattern on each individual feather, which you will see in the next picture.  This wasn't going to work because it just looked weirdly pixelly.  Instead I'm just going to chevron the colours along the lines of the feathers - this will work, I've already done it on one wing, but for some reason I forgot to take a picture.  So for now, here's the ugly bit I decided was definitely a bad idea:





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Nice find!  I collected RP SR figs for a long time and never even saw this model for sale. 


Are you going for a blended rainbow effect on the wings? If so, consider the order you put the colors down. Try green ->blue ->red -> (orange) ->yellow.   Right now the yellow between the blue and red kind of makes it look like a native blanket, not feathers. 



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1 hour ago, Inarah said:

Nice find!  I collected RP SR figs for a long time and never even saw this model for sale.


Are you going for a blended rainbow effect on the wings? If so, consider the order you put the colors down. Try green ->blue ->red -> (orange) ->yellow.   Right now the yellow between the blue and red kind of makes it look like a native blanket, not feathers.




The reference art shows green/blue/yellow/red.  As a rule, when I paint a licensed figure I try to stay close to the artwork (if I can find it).  This is mostly so I don't get griefed by Drizzt or other character fans, but in this instance since I'm logging a rare example I thought it best to stick close to prototype as this WIP may linger on the internet quite a while.

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Yes, I have the box.  You can see in that picture that the front relief on the wing is green, followed by blue, (green), yellow, (orange), red.  The parts in parentheses are zones where yellow interacts with adjacent colours, so those can be ignored until blending.  This leaves green/blue/yellow/red as the base pattern, and since I work dark-to-light I am now blocking those in. 

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4 hours ago, 72moonglum said:

Did this one ever get finished Master Buglips?




1 hour ago, Kangaroorex said:

I hope so!  I would love to see the finished product!



It is no longer in mint condition on account of the fire that destroyed my house back in July. 

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    • By 72moonglum
      And good evening to all of you of the Reaper persuasion,
      So just finished photographing this guy this afternoon.  This is an Earth Elemental, originally from a blister pack of three minis, this guy, the Earth Elementals Lord I painted a few days back and an interesting looking iguana-like Earth Familiar, which is on my docket next.  This was sculpted by Jim Johnson and released somewhere in the nineties.  Fun figure to paint, not a drop of metal, but all sorts of different earth tones.  The only un-earthy tones are the crystals in his spine, which I painted blue.  I wanted to originally paint them green to match the crystal in the Shaman's staff, but I didn't think there would be enough contrast between the grass/moss around the stones.

      The little iguana familiar will be next!
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      Good morning my Reapertonians!
      So recently I've been not only just doing individual figures, but also "sets", figured belonging or previously belonging to blister packs and today is no exception.
      I just finished painting a set of Ral Partha Town Guards, sculpted back in the 90's I think by Jim Johnson.  As I go through a lot of my minis, it's impressive of what a large library of work Mr. Johnson has created.   All this and I know virtually nothing about the guy.
      Anyhoos, being that these are town guards from the same town, I wanted them to all have a similar color schemes so all their shirts got purple amethyst to start out with and their pants are red.  I did want to make sure they all got unique skin tones however, as not to make them too uniform and boring. After seeing these all close up with the merciless camera lens, I see tons of errors that were impossible to pick up with my naked and bespectacled eye, and even with my nerd goggles, I didn't really see certain issues. But alas, once I get to the point of ending, very small chance that I'll be going back to update.  
      As of yet, I haven't put them on bases, but will probably do so in the near future so they don't fall over.  The redhead with the spear is especially a little top-heavy.

      Derek had mentioned in a post about a previous lady giant that I needed to make sure I hit my metals with white.  I always do so, but I'm hoping that these pictures can reflect it visually a little bit more.  Tried not to be overly heavy-handed with white but at least make sure it got in there to be properly represented. 
      And for the spearman's shield on his back, I really had no idea or inspiration of what to do, so I just painted on some white stripes.  Not at all very exciting, but I couldn't invent anything that exciting.
      So there you have them, my last five little mini-babies, enjoy!
    • By 72moonglum
      Hello all those in Reaperdom!
      So just finished this figure last night and just got him photographed, an Earth Elemental Lord, sculpted by Jim Johnson. Tried to keep him mostly in earth tones because he's an Earth Elemental Lord:


      His original blister came with a large earth elemental and a little elemental lizard. Going to be painting those in the near future.
    • By 72moonglum
      Hello to all the forumites of this fine page!
      So just finished this set a few days ago, the Ral Partha Water Lords, sculpted by Jim Johnson I'm thinking in the nineties, even though as per always, I forgot to look at the date stamp at the bottom before I put them on their base.
      I can really only directly show one of these minis, because the other two are ladies with their aquatic lady parts floundering all over, so here's the first one:

      and here is then a link to the female aquatic elf:
      Female aquatic elf from the Water Lords
      If you were interested in seeing other angles (this is the one I put on the Lost Mini Wiki), you could check out on my Instagram account Moonglumsminis
      And here is the Water Elemental in this set, a really cool piece in my opinion, but once again, full of even more mammal parts than the lady elf:
      Water Elemental
      Also on my Instagram page is the back angle of this wet and wonderful woman!
      So it was very fun painting these guys, and I got to use a lot of my sea color paints from Reaper, which just don't get enough use these days.  For the elves, I wanted them to be kind of subdued colors, as if they were down in the deep blue sea, and then with the male elf's mount, I was kind of in a conundrum, do I also give him subdued colors, or do I do a more tropical color scheme to offset the pale elf colors?  In the end, I opted for the brighter tropical colors to give hopefully a bit more visual interest.  
      The whites I think as the highlights for the water come off "whiter" in the actual minis, wish that would translate a bit more in the photos, but I think they came out more or less decently.  
      Around this same time, Ral Partha also did some other "elemental" blister packs, they did a fire one, an air one, and an earth blister pack. They were all sculpted by Jim Johnson, one of the few sculptors I can never seem to find anything out about.  I'd previously painted a female djinn from the air set, but I think I'm going revisit them all to hopefully get them all done one of these days in the far-flung future.  And just as a final mention, you can get all of these elemental minis, the water ones and others, on the Iron Wind Metals web site.
      Anyhoos, enjoy and have a beautiful week of labor and painting (labor as work, not a week full of pre-partum pain)!

      Mark aka 72Moonglum
    • By Maledrakh
      Continuing with the random minis for now: Cavalry.

      Bones Cavalry that is. Over the course of 4 delivered kickstarters of Bones models, Reaper has released a total of 9 mounted models. (11 if you count the flying saucer from the Bones 2 Chronoscope Expansion and the chopper bike mounted Sophie (the one and only Bones KS model delivered in metal!) in the first Bones kickstarter.)

      Well, "mounted" is also a theme to use to get something painted, isn't it? And with 9 or 11 models to go for, it should be possible to get done in a timely manner.
      Here are the first pair of them that I have painted up.

      lots of pics beneath the 

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