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60053 - Blackjack

Jack Brown

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    • By jwitham75
      Black jack painted up as a spellcasting rogue, hence the osl effect on the outstretched hand.
      Painted 90% with oils. Much easier to learn with them when it is essentially monochrome and you can just focus on light and shadow.

    • By Jack Brown
      I like the way the pants have turned out. Not so happy with the eyes at this stage. They may look better when I get the mask done. Hopefully. They're deep in there and a bit of a pain to get to...
      Does the highlighting on the green shirt look too stark? It really jumps out when I'm looking at it through the magnifier. The pictures look better than that view, I think.

    • By Jaws
      These are:
      - Ingrid, Female Gnome: 03082
      - Lydia Copperthumb: 03399 (Converted to hold rifle.)
      - Blackjack, Rogue: 60053
      - Sajan, Iconic Monk: 89018
      - Harsk, Iconic Dwarf Ranger: 89020

      The party has set sail on a secret mission in service of The King. They are one dwarven fighter, one dwarven gunslinger, a gnome druid, a human rogue and a monk. 
      I really hope the other players will like their characters. :)

      Individual pics: 

    • By Limey72
      I want sure about this sculpt, I was painting it for a friend and it was not until I primed it that I realized it had some awesome detail and a great pose. As always fire away.

    • By Adrift
      Here is a copy of my entry in the Halloween Diorama contest along with some photos of the 'early work' I put into the minis, etc. This was my first ever diorama, and the first time I'd ever made a tree (Hangman's Tree-chokes victims with willow-like branches), made a fence, sculpted scarecrow hair, a jack-o-lantern, fire, pumpkins, pumpkin vines, pumpkin leaves, or creepy surface tree roots. I figure future projects will give me lots of room for improvement.
      In the first pictures, you can see the originals from the Reaper Store of the Grave Horror and Blackjack, both of whom I used and modified into a Pumpkin Patch Golem and a Scarecrow. Subsequent photos show my modifications to both, as well as the pictures of my diorama.
      Dioramas aren't easy. Taking photos of dioramas, especially when your scene is trying to be a night time-moonlit scene is even more challenging. Just goes to show, there's always lots to learn.
      C&C always welcome.

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