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December specials?


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26 minutes ago, Kro said:

FYI, for those who were concerned, there are currently 48 holiday paint sets in stock




I'm going to wait til the 7th to order mine, hopefully they last til then/continue getting restocked as quickly as they fly off the shelves.

Same. Have to keep my orders down, and the promo mini for the 7th is the first one I want.

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2 hours ago, ced1106 said:

Hope LTPK #2 stays in stock as well. Store says 5 copies left, but I could swear I saw 100+ copies available a few days ago. ::(:


08907: Learn to Paint Kit: Layer Up! ($39.99)
5 in stock

Man, that's what I was going to order for the 9th :( Oh well, I underestimated how much diagnosing my car to pass smog would be, so much for getting the cat dragon:(

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On ‎12‎/‎5‎/‎2017 at 9:25 PM, nakos said:

Don't be surprised to see the stock go back up. As ladystorm has said a few times, people put stuff in their carts and it makes the in-stock quantity drop, carts get auto-cleared out and the stock goes back up. 


This is why the cart shouldn't be used as a wish list, btw, it just hoards stock away unbought for a while and denies somebody looking for it a chance to buy it.  That was less of an issue in the old days when traffic was slower and the bulk of stuff cast at the factory, but now there's a lot of SKUs for which a running tally is more vital - like Bones figures - and a lot more traffic.  Having dealt with companies who do not have an automated cart system I can say Reaper's system is much more customer friendly than one that takes your money only to send you an out of stock or indefinitely backordered notice days later (this is why I never buy direct from Battlefront).   


Keep your carts clean and only put stuff in when you intend to buy, everybody, and the system will work as it should.  We all know how annoying it is to plan purchases, especially around promos, and the thing you want is listed OOS.  Fewer items locked away in digitally dusty vaults are fewer people disappointed, so keep 'em clean for the sake of your fellow hobbyists.

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8 minutes ago, ttuckerman said:

It cleared out my cart by the next morning.  I was set up to order on the 6th, but it cleared on the 5th after I had put it in late on the 4th.


2 minutes ago, Ratmaster2000 said:

I believe thats how @ladystorm says it works.


Ah, good.  It used to sit around longer, so I must have missed where it changed. 

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One day things will be so hectic they will need to add code that only lets items stay in your inventory for X mins/hrs before removing them with a timer to show you how much time is left. OK...I doubt it will ever come to that but it sounds like that may be needed.


MUST remember to hop on tomorrow and order!

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