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Looking for minis


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Okay, I'm looking for a trio of intimidating minis wielding two-handed flails.  I'm looking for two female and three male minis.  This shouldn't be hard, but they need to be fully armored. 


THAT is where the difficulty is coming in, because there don't seem to be many fully armored human minis that are that way.  I can find all sorts of old GW marauders with ultra buff chests, but no armor!  I'm not against some conversion, but I really want armor to start.


I am aware of the Privateer Press minis, but I'm avoiding Steampunk (and I've already used THAT heavy flail for one conversion already). 


Thoughts?  Help?  Thank you all in advance!

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44 minutes ago, Loim said:

Just a thought. GW makes some minis called Flagellants (sp?) that all have interesting 2 hand flails. It shouldn't be tough to get bits for those and then use the weapons to mod a fully armored mini. Not super helpful, but maybe a start. 


I have some marauder arms, no flagellant arms though, I hadn't thought about the flagellent arms, thank you!

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