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Initial 1/60th scale scorpion pics

John Bear Ross

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Knocked out the initial block-out of the 1/60th Scale Scorpion. I think we have a Scorpion II on our hands, since it's noticeably different in configuration (but not extremely so) from the standard Scorp that everyone had problems with.


Those little "ticks" that run along the axes are inches. Height's going to be around 4 inches (20ft to scale). Length's going to be around 7 inches (35ft to scale). This CAV is going to be longer than any other CAV is tall!


Other notable features...


>More rounded build, in keeping with spirit of original source art.

>Re-arranged Direct Fire missiles, for a nastier look.

>Tilting/Swivelling Naftan in turret (upgraded from Naftan 66, too...it'll need a new number)

>Built-in Cockpit

>Ample space for a pair of Waldos (that's them, the "eyes" in the front view)








Let me know what you think. I'll probably have this in production a LOT faster than the Dictator (talk about a learning process )



John Bear Ross

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#### you John!


I love your stuff, and as I already own 2 of your Dictators, I will have to get a couple of these as well.  I am looking forward to being able to run a 1/60th scale game at a con!  Just need you to crank out at least 5 more designs before June!


Please give me the following in 1/60th ASAP:







Thank you I will expect to see the prototypes in 3-5 days.




I wish!

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The game scales's not that bad.  For every 1" in a 1/160th scale game you need 2.67" (3" for the sake of the math-impaired) in a 1/60th scale game.  12' x 18' ought to do it.  The only other thing I'll need are a bigger tape measure (mine is only 6') and dice you can read from the floor while standing up.


Now -- how to get all the furniture out of the basement without my wife noticing. . .

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John, just a quick question...how many points of articulation will the legs have?
This is by no means an official answer, but knowing JB, all of the joints will be there.  I don't know how much you know about the Bigtator DD, but the legs don't actually move.  When you assemble the model you pick the angle/pose that you want the legs to be in and glue them that way.  They don't bend like a GI Joe guy or something.
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A 1/60 scale CAV battle, now that does sound interesting. Game area might be a bit on the difficult side to reach across but I am sure you could come up with something.


Oh no...now the wheels are turning and its looking expensive!

I have a 30'x30' area of floor to play it on!

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No Chrome I know its not a GI Joe it would eat a Joe for lunch. I just was wondering if there would be more than the option of having the legs down, or if it was going to be possible to create the illusion it was walking over uneven ground for those of use who do not do conversions well. Guess points of articulation wasn't the best of terms to use. oops


Hmmm maybe should add a GPS to the old Christmas list if 1/60 warfare takes off!

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