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Xiwo Xerase has accepted the d20 rainbow dragon quest!

Xiwo Xerase

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For the Random Rainbow Dragon Challenge (why do I feel like that needs to be trademarked?), I will be painting 77110 Deathsleet.  Rules can be found here: 


My randomly rolled colors are: Mint Green, Marine Teal, and True Blue.  Here's Deathsleet posing with the colors:5a14f58d97b8d_2017111377110setupshot.jpg.c8bc04d3421d9a2b9711a79b20fdb809.jpg

(No, Deathsleet, you can't have the True Blue!)


This will be a zero star challenge, mostly because I want to experiment and I'm not certain I will always follow the rules for the 1 star challenge.



Since that picture, Deathsleet has been boiled, washed, glued, based, subjected to Brown Liner mixed with Brush-on Sealer, scraped (of mold lines), and relinered:



(Look!  Definition!)


(Why are there washers on Deathsleet's feet?  My normal mini holders are magnets so the fantasy minis are based on fender washers.  And then it turned out Deathsleet was too heavy.  So I based Deathsleet so I could have something to hold onto while painting.  When I'm done, I'll gently wash the base and then sculpt green stuff to hide the washers.)


The current plan is: Most of Deathsleet's body will be Mint Green, with the wide scales and spikes being Marine Teal.  The wings will be Marine Teal fading into True Blue on the bottom and Marine Teal on the top.  We'll see how it turns out.


My next step is to gently brush on a white (possibly HD Solid White, since I bought it recently and want to try using it) to keep the Brown Liner from muddying the Mint Green or Marine Teal.  I want to leave the Brown Liner in the shadows so I know where the shadows are later.

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Last night's painting session was sponsored by the classic Doctor Who stories The Ice Warriors and Pyramids of Mars.  This was my first time seeing The Ice Warriors.  I had time and my current batch of BattleTech minis were waiting for the primer to finish curing.


First, I used HD Solid White to lighten up non-shadow areas (and, to a lesser degree, lighten up less shadowed areas):


(It's a nice day for a white dragon!)


Then I applied the basecoats of Mint Green and Marine Teal:


(Sorry, Brandy, this dragon's only love is the sea.  And treasure.)


There are some places where the teal got onto the green so I have to go back and clean that up still.  I plan to work on the eyes and mouth before I get too much further.


Since the BattleTech minis are ready, I'll be painting those for a bit.  I want to try to finish them before I lose my panting area for the Christmas season.  I'll be able to work on single minis here and there but I won't be able to do any more batches until after the holiday season is over.

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I haven't gotten much work done.  I started blocking in the True Blue on the wings and I cleaned up some of my painting mistakes.




I hope to blend the True Blue into the Marine Teal.  When looking over the dragon, I found some gray scales and some bits that look like popped paint bubbles.  I will need to fix these before too long.   Coating the popped bubbles with gloss sealer and feathering the edges should hopefully help with those (after repainting).


To limit the number of colors I introduce, I'm considering using a mix of Pure White (or HD Solid White) and Marine Teal for the claws, spikes, and teeth.  I'll have to make the mix before I commit to it.

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Did anyone remember I started work on this?  Yeah, about that...


Deathsleet has been neglected for a year and a half.  So let's finish this.  The goal isn't display or tabletop.  The goal is done.


I've done some work over the past nights.  I painted the eyes, mouth, claws, and spikes, cleaned up some of the paint mess, lined, and then washed.



(click on the pictures for larger versions)


Deathsleet's a little big for my photo area.  I'll need to devise a new solution.  (I wish Hangar 18 were still in business so I could get a larger backdrop.)


The tongue and mouth are Monster Maw and the teeth, claws, and spikes are Polished Bone or Skeleton Bone (I forget which).


Over the past year and a half, Deathsleet has shifted back to the bent shape I received them in.  The glue on the base has kept them upright but they've tipped to the right and back.  I'd like to shift them forward and to the right but that's going to require a third glue point.  I've considered taking one of the Bones pillars and converting it into a ruin, with Deathsleet's claw on the edge.


Next up: Drybrushing and the underwing gradient.  And, after that, finish the basing.

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Since the last post, I did the drybrushing and did the gradient on the underside of the wings.  I think I'm at a point where I can move on to the rest of the base.


(click on the pictures for larger versions)


This is a return to using a piece of craft paper as the backdrop.  I think it's more reflective than my Hangar 18 fabric background so Deathsleet may appear a little darker than usual.  (This suspicion is based on the ISO setting automatically determined by the ProCamera app on my phone since this is lower with the craft paper versus the Hangar 18 background.)

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Added green stuff to the base.  Added a flag too, to help bring Deathsleet forward.



(click on the images for larger versions)


The flag is from 03420: Fantasy Standards, and I believe is originally from 14300: Standard & Musician, Crusader (or, at least, my set came with an extra standard).


I haven't decided how to paint the flag yet.  Maybe I'll attempt a rainbow.  This is, after all, a rainbow dragon challenge.

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