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Cities of the Black Scrolls - Richly illustrated modular Map-Tiles


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About this project




Click here to visit the project on Kickstarter


Cities, castles, and fortresses are some of the main areas an adventurer is sure to encounter during an adventure. Now with your help, we can bring these modular tiles into life, and you will be able to build any areas by using them in no time!


These sets include many double-sided, amazingly detailed 6x6 inch sized tiles in both physical and digital formats, and will provide you a more thrilling gaming experience while you are sitting around a table or having fun online with your friend. 




Play a more atmospheric game 


The areas are on double-sided tiles with seamless borders that make it possible to mix them with each other. Furthermore, the cut-out doors, wall and corner pieces (where these are available) will provide you more modularity and freedom. If you are the type who likes the wonderful and breathtaking visual worlds of movies and games, then you can relive them on your gaming nights sitting around a table in your home (or online) with your friends.




Features of the digital version:

  • More than 300 tiles (150 different area + their alternate version)
  • Easy to print PDF files, print out as many tiles as you need for your game! You’ll get them in 300 dpi, high-quality format
  • Small printer-friendly draft tiles to help you plan your areas 
  • JPG files that you can use in online Virtual Tabletop programs 


Features of the printed card-tile version:

  • Double sided and UV coated durable tiles with the night version on their other sides where it is suitable. If that has no sense (because it is an underground or inside area), the other side of the tile will contain the empty un-furnished version 
  • A total of 150 modular gaming tiles which you can use for many adventures
  • You can draw on them with wet-erase markers
  • Cut-out elements like doors and gates 
  • Scenic, lovingly crafted graphics that your gamers will love for sure and will make your gaming nights more thrilling

  • Portable sets you can easily take with you anywhere
  • And you can spend more time with the adventure and NPCs instead of seeking new maps to the different adventures

+ Free unlocked stretch goal extras to extend these core sets









You can see more on the project page, here.

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Top Posters In This Topic

13 hours ago, Knight of the Dinner Table said:

For me, Antal/Black Scroll's artwork is one of the best out there.


Thank you! I'm glad you like our products and artwork! - Antal K.


We have already unlocked +5 tiles to the core sets (2 are based on backer's suggestions). 
The next goal will be +30 Moat tiles that our digital-copy backers will get for free.



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10 hours ago, ChaoticBlues said:

While I'm tempted, all I want are the city tiles.  I think I'll have to wait for the retail launch.


Thanks for considering joining us! We are thinking on to add the possibility of individual core sets and other add-ons.
 The reason why we did not do that is that it is almost impossible to manage the shipping fee with the randomly selected add-ons on Kickstarter and we have to make it clear to our backers if we do. But there will be a pledge manager for backers and it will make these things easier. For now, you can select the Watcher pledge level and you'll be able to add individual products to your pledge after the campaign.

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these stretch goals are already unlocked and the next will release +60 Dock and Canal tiles (that will be free for digital backers and will cost $25 for card-tile backers if they want it)




Video of the 3D printable doors: 



Link to the Fortress in the Mountains update: 


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+60 Docks and Canals tiles have been unlocked and added to the Digital pledges for free!

This set contains dock areas, huge and wide bridges with smaller buildings, loading areas, ships, canals, canals with bridges, cut out boats and items like barrels, etc., and a lighthouse. Please give us a few days and you'll see the first test renders, too.

Check out our newest goals: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/532839686/cities-of-the-black-scrolls-modular-map-tile-sets/posts/2067325

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11 hours ago, amuller33 said:

So I can use this for my roll20 game? I know its says VTT and I have been scrounging Jpegs off the internet so far... I just wanna be clear cuz this seems to solve the issue I have with VTT ... Im too lazy to make maps




Thank you! Yes, we will attach all the tiles as JPGs in the digital version that you can use with VTTs to make quick maps (in those that can handle tiles, Roll20 can.)

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