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Cities of the Black Scrolls - Richly illustrated modular Map-Tiles


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MapForge compatible files available!

Many of you have requested this already, and we have great news for you! 
Our three core sets and all the unlocked add-on sets will be made available for the MapForge battlemap creation software being developed by Battlegrounds Games! 

More info here:


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On 11/27/2017 at 12:25 AM, BSGTony said:


Thanks for considering joining us! We are thinking on to add the possibility of individual core sets and other add-ons.
 The reason why we did not do that is that it is almost impossible to manage the shipping fee with the randomly selected add-ons on Kickstarter and we have to make it clear to our backers if we do. But there will be a pledge manager for backers and it will make these things easier. For now, you can select the Watcher pledge level and you'll be able to add individual products to your pledge after the campaign.


This is good to know.  I'm in as a watcher and hoping to get the city and village sets as pdf files. 


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All stretch goals unlocked!

Some serious rush is happening on our page, so don't miss all the tiles and sets you could get!



+  we have 4 free sets to digital backers:
- Moat set,
- Docks and Canals
- Village tiles
- Modular temple and graveyard set


This project ends tomorrow, don't miss it out!

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