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49 minutes ago, Chaoswolf said:

They look great!

I look forward to seeing them 'in action'.:winkthumbs:


Thanks for the reply, Wolf! I am happy you like them.

The action photos will be when I finish the next photo stage; although I am thinking of doing some photos of the Trio on  the Spooky Woods Board that adjoins Heep's Place.

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43 minutes ago, Metalchaos said:

They're amazing. Maybe A Run in the Spooky Woods will be more appropriate. And, make sure to get back home before dusk.

Everytime I look at you characters I can't help imagine a frame by frame story with dialogues in phylacteries.


...running through the Spooky Woods, with or without the screaming, is probably the best bet for an escape.

I do the stuff with story telling in mind...not necessarily my own stories. My friend, Lazetta, uses my photos to tell stories to her Grandchildren.

They do lend themselves to cartoon style tales as well. 

Thanks for the reply, Metalchaos. I am delighted you enjoy my creations.

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